I have combined my two passions to serve small businesses: my love for people and love for creativity. I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses to communicate their unique brand through visuals and voice. ​Not all small business owners have their brand and vision solidified. They feel intimidated by the process. That is where I come in! Let me help you communicate your brand to enhance your business.

Branding + Design

Eloise Design Co. Branding and Design


Eloise Design Co. Branding Auburn Family Medicine

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Staying on Brand

Robust 20+ page resource with 35 examples to help you create a strong, consistent brand. 

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How We Serve

Branding a small business is an exciting challenge and does not just include a logo and a Facebook page. It's your identity and reputation. It's how you connect and communicate with your audience. We can help you communicate your brand through the following services.



We will work together to develop a brand for your business. This will include logo designs, a defined brand aesthetic with colors, fonts, and graphic element, and a defined main brand message that aligns with the mission, services, and target audience.


Once your brand has been developed visually and through messaging, we can design print and digital assets that will help you communicate and market your brand to your audience. This could be a business card, email signature, email template, social media styling, profile graphics, brochure, etc. We want to empower you to keep your branding strong and consistent. We can create templates so that you and your team can stay on brand. We also provide education consulting sessions to teach you how to stay on brand!


We design branded websites for small and medium-sized businesses.
We care about the user experience and how a visitor will navigate your site. We help you communicate clearly while impressing your website visitors through the design.

We design websites with you in mind as well. We design them using a easy-to-use drag and drop platform. We will teach you how to edit it once the site is created. 


We believe that brand photography and videography are mandatory in order to connect with your audience. People connect with people, not businesses. One way someone can connect with you, is if they see you! Click the button below to see our work and how our services work.


We can't do business alone. We need perspective and creativity. You are so close to your business and brand. You need someone to help you plan ahead and problem solve. This is what our ongoing hourly brand consulting does for you!


We will work together on the overall creative strategy for your brand. Creative Strategy does not focus on one area of marketing or branding. It looks at the bigger picture to account for all parts of your business. To learn more about what our Creative Strategy package involves, see our Creative Strategy page.

Do you need more than just a logo?

Some people only need a logo, while others need the whole branding package.

This is how you determine what is a best fit for your needs:

Eloise Design Co. Branding
Eloise Design Co. Branding
Eloise Design Co. Branding
Eloise Design Co. Branding

Branding Board, Email Signature, Print Item (Invoice)

Business Card, Social Media Styling (Facebook)

Branding Board from the Logo Development

Example of Logo + Branded Elements