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Have you been asked to provide a head shot of yourself and panicked?

Have you had to get your best friend to take your picture just you had something acceptable?



Many students and professionals have a need for stylized professional head shots

but don't know who to ask or how to get it done.

The Photographer: Katrina



The Host: Eloise


Katrina and I (Eloise) decided to solve this issue by creating AUTHENTIC STATE - a series of photo days to capture your authentic state. We believe humans are driven by imagery and your smile is your best first impression. Your head shot should reflect who you are and attract others to want to know more.

S E E  T H E  D E T A I L S   B E L O W !








(outside for natural lighting)

20 minute mini session

10-15 edited images

1 week turn around time


If you refer a friend (and they book), you will get $10 off


Worried about the investment?


First, you are getting an amazing deal by participating in one of her photo days. 


This investment will pay off when you feel confident in your social media profile pictures, LinkedIn profile image, head shots for work, leadership or membership roles, or portraits for blogs, websites, or portfolios.


Worried about being photogenic? 

I get it. I have never enjoyed being the model. Sometime you don't know how to stand, where to put my hands, or how to fix my double chin smile! Katrina is the one photographer I feel 100% relaxed with. She has a calming presence and is approachable. She has the unique ability to make you feel comfortable, but also confident in yourself and her work.

Also, I am there to make you laugh, give pointers and make sure your hair and clothes are perfect!

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Please fill out the form below to inquire about future photo days. 

You can also email us about an individual session or company/organization rates.


Email Eloise at


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