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In partnership with Auburn University, I am now able to offer my one-on-one career services in  online courses all year round! 

Personal Branding for Professionals is a 5-module online course designed to assist professionals of any industry or background in discovering who they are as professionals; communicating their experience and skillset; and marketing their abilities, experience, skills, and strengths through a resume, cover letter, and online profiles.

There are now 2 versions of the course to meet your timeline and budget!


The Personal Branding for Professionals course taught by Eloise Stewart covers more than just branding. I finished the course feeling more confident than when I started.  Immediately upon finishing the course, I stopped self-doubting myself and felt more empowered. I gained a new outlook on resumes and cover letters. If you are like me, I dread when a job posting requires a cover letter. It is always a struggle to write one. However, upon completion of the cover letter module (dare I say it) I actually wanted to write one! Cover letters had been taught and presented to me very differently in college, making them intimidating and difficult for a non-writer. Eloise’s easy steps, tips, and lesson on avoiding “blanket statements” gave me a new excitement about cover letters.


This course taught me about my skills, how to utilize them in my resume, and recognize them in job postings. Eloise is energetic and has made an intellectual and empowering course. It did NOT disappoint especially during the social media module. She encouraged me to have a different and positive viewpoint on my social media. She taught a new way of branding my social media to match me and future employees. I would give this course to every professional I know, if I could. No matter what stage of life you are in, you will find it greatly beneficial.



The course has been taught with all professionals in mind. 
College Seniors, Recent Graduates, Young Professionals, Established Professionals


  1. Learn the power of personal branding.

  2. Discover your strengths and skills.

  3. Create a resume and develop a refined skill set to market yourself.

  4. Communicate how your experience, education, and skills can serve, improve, and exceed the needs of a company through a cover letter, inquiry email, and personal statement letter.

  5. Showcase your brand through online and social media outlets and ensure they are appropriate, complete, and consistent. 


There are now 2 versions of the course to meet your timeline and budget!

Expedited Course

Self-Study / No Feedback

Sign up any day of the year

Self-paced (can finish it in a week)

2  resume, reference page,

cover letter, and email signature templates

Finish your resume, cover letter,

and LinkedIn on your own quickly!


Extended Course with

Instructor Feedback 

Sign up any day of the year

Self-paced (usually takes 4 weeks)

A 30-minute video consultation with Eloise

Personalized review and feedback of your skills/strengths assessment, resume, cover letter,

and LinkedIn profile


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