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Introducing the MENTOR PROGRAM

The Mentor Program Round 4 is here and I am excited to start pairing 10 mentors with 10 mentees!

I firmly believe that careers should be based on relationships … and hard work! You should not do your career alone. Co-workers are great. A good boss is helpful, but most likely temporary. But a mentor can provide a long-term professional relationship with unlimited benefits and blessings.

I know you may be thinking…

“mentoring programs are great in theory, but they rarely produce any long lasting relationships or actually help anyone”

I know why you say this.

I have seen when programs don't work.

I also seen when they do work and its amazing how lives and careers are changed because of one relationship.

This mentor program is different and can influence lives. This is how:

1. You are paired based on industry, education, personality, and passions.

2. There is accountability throughout the 20 weeks from ME!

3. There is structure with 10 weeks of educational and inspirational prompts.

4. There are free career resources for both mentors and mentees.

5. AND NEW THIS ROUND: There are networking opportunities with the other mentors & mentees!

Mentees aren’t the only ones who gain something…


Although I chose to participate with the Mentor Program as a way to pay it forward for all of the guidance and advice I have received from my mentors, I just concluded the program with a sense of gratitude not only for the relationship gained with my mentee, but also for the professional growth I experienced. The program is structured in a way that stretches self-reflection on both the part of the mentor and mentee with realistic and achievable time devotions.


Katy | Round 3 Mentor

Relationships are at the core of career success…


I have had a wonderful time getting to know my mentor and love having her as a mentor! I will definitely be keeping up with her even after the program has ended. We are similar in many ways, and her advice has been indispensable! I think having someone who has already been through the stage of life I am currently in has been the most helpful thing about having a mentor, I can learn from her and openly ask any questions. This program is so organized and I am super thankful for it!


Marie | Round 3 Mentee

Applications for mentors and mentees are open TODAY

and close on September 7, 2018.

For more information about requirements, costs, and the application, click the link below.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at auburnalumnetwork@gmail.com.

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