Bundle: Resume, Cover Letter, Interview


Who is this workbook bundle for?

1. The student looking for their first internship or job OR approaching college.

2. The recent graduate who realizes they need stronger, professional materials.

3. The young professional who needs a make-over and does not know where to begin.

4. The professional who hasn't looked at their materials in decades and needs to start from scratch because the hiring world has changed!


The Resume Workbook:

The Resume Workbook will walk you through each section of your resume and ensure it is written correctly and completely. It includes a list of action verbs to write strong bullets under each experience, a skills development section, and reference page information. There is also do's and don't's for style and layout.


The Cover Letter Workbook

"I love writing cover letters for myself" - said NO one!

Use this detailed outline to guide you as you write your cover letters. They will be unique to you and taylored to each job.  This outline can also guide your cover letter emails if a cover letter is not required.


The Interview Workbook

Many students and professionals THINK they have prepared for interviews, but most often times, they have only read over the job posting again, looked at the company website, read their resume, and researched the salary range (if that).


You need to be researching, quizzing yourself, asking questions, preparing answers to ALL of the common interview questions as well as preparing for questions relating to the actual position. And most importantly, you need to have questions prepared for them! This is a 2 way street, don't leave the conversation to them!


Email eloise@eloisedesignco.com if you need assistance with your resume, cover letter, or interview prep. You will receive a 10% discount if booking a consultation meeting with me after purchasing this workbook bundle!


eloise@eloisedesignco.com  |  334.430.1686

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