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Social Media Planning Kit

Social Media Planning Kit


The Social Media Kit is the closest thing to sitting down with Eloise and planning out your social media content for a month and learning the process to continue planning each month, week, and day. We focus on making sure your strategy is realistic and true to your brand. We don't based our strategy on trends, we base it on your brand, bandwidth, budget, and business. This is perfect for micro, small and medium sized business, whether you have a social media presence or not. This kit applies to both service-based and product-based businesses. 


Here is what you get in this kit:

  1. 11 easy-to-follow video tutorials + a workbook with examples and tips
  2. Step-by-step guide to auditing and optimizing your social media profiles 
  3. Lesson on deciding the purpose of your social media within your bigger strategy
  4. B+B+B+B = Themes process to plan content that is on-brand and engaging
  5. A Google Sheet Content Calendar with step-by-step instructions on saving, customizing, and planning
  6. Content Saving and Library Mindset tips for easy planning and content creation
  7. Step-by-step tutorial of the 1-1-1 Strategy we use every month to plan content for multiple brands. Eloise will share her screen and show you how she plans a month of content for the eloise design co brand.
  8. Our recommended apps to plan and post content 
  9. Recommendations for next steps

BONUS: The Business, Brand, Bandwidth Questionnaire


This is what you will achieve:

1. A social media strategy based on your brand, budget, bandwidth, and business

2. The exact steps to take every month, week, and day to plan content easily and on-brand

3. A customized content calendar and the apps we use every day


Questions before committing? Contact Us!

Need a one-on-one strategy session? Contact Us! 

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