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As a small business owner, I understand the struggle with social media. When you are responsible for EVERYTHING in your business, social media can fall through the cracks. You know that it is a powerful tool to attract your potential customer, but it takes effort and planning and thus it doesn't get the attention it should. I found the only way to stay on top of it and produce high-quality content is to enlist some help AND plan monthly. 


Social media is an exciting, ever-changing, powerful, complicated marketing monster. BUT with an organized plan for each month, strong visual and written content, and a team behind you...your business will reach your target customer and serve them like never before.

 social media app list


Download my list of apps and websites that help to create quality social media content in less time. 





We use content calendars and apps like PLANN to ensure we are creating and sharing quality content for our clients. 

We will create a content calendar (Excel or Google Sheet Document) for you that will help you plan and organize your social media posts, email marketing, blog posts, and marketing strategies. 

This is a tool that you can use to plan your social media and digital marketing. (we do not plan your social media content).



investment varies

We will manage your social media planning, visual and written content creation, strategy, posting, and ongoing engagement for the platforms that are correct for your business  


We will create a detailed plan (images, captions, hashtags, and links) 1 month in advance and will meet with you once a month to review the proposed posting

with you.


YOU have control over YOUR social media, but we make it happen...correctly!




After learning about your company from your perspective, we research your industry, competition, target consumer, and business.


We create a detailed social media plan with example posts that will enable you to take our "playbook" and implement it easily. We will meet with you again and walk you through the Plan and answer any of your questions. We will share the investment and deliverables if we were to manage your social media monthly (with no obligations or annoying sales pitch).

Need professional images?

In partnership with Katrina of Katrina Langland Photography, we now offer branded photography for personal brands and businesses. We provide the following: headshots, group photos, website photography, product or services photography, behind the scenes, and social media photography.

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