As a small business owner, I understand the struggle with social media. When you are responsible for EVERYTHING in your business, social media can fall through the cracks.

You know that it is a powerful tool to attract your potential customer, but it takes effort and planning and thus it doesn't get the attention it should.

I found the only way to stay on top of it and produce high-quality content is to enlist some help AND plan monthly. 

Social Media Services 

Eloise Design Co. Social Media
Eloise Design Co. Social Media
Eloise Design Co. Social Media

Social media is an exciting, ever-changing, powerful, complicated marketing monster. BUT with an organized plan and strong visual and written content ... your business will reach your target customer and serve them like never before.

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Download my list of apps and websites that help to create quality social media content in less time. 


How We Can Help


We use content calendars and apps to ensure we are creating and sharing quality content for our clients. We will create an interactive content calendar for you that will help you plan and organize your social media posts, email marketing, blog posts, and marketing strategies. This is a tool that you can use to plan your social media and digital marketing. (we do not plan your social media content).

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We believe in 1 month, 1 week, 1 day at a time strategy for social media. If you don't plan ahead, it won't happen. Eloise will work with you in 1-2 hour sessions to plan and strategize your social media for the upcoming month. Then you will write your content one week at a time so that when the day comes to post, you are ready! Contact Eloise to learn more about session rates and availability. 

Brought our content to the next level

Working with Eloise and her team has been an incredible experience! Their branding vision and effective management of our social media has brought our content to the next level. We are reaching more students than ever before which is helping our team live out our mission to engage, educate, and empower.

- Amy Shugart, Auburn University Student Involvement


Need branded photography for your social media?

We believe brand photography is an incredible tool to communicate and connect with your audience and customer. We provide photography for personal brands and businesses. We provide the following: headshots, group photos, website photography, product or services photography, behind the scenes, and social media photography.