Now Hiring!


Beginning January 2022

What We Will Lean On You For:

Responsible for brainstorming, curating and editing digital content and coordinating day-to-day social media scheduling across social media channels for 5+ accounts.


  • Managing day-to-day scheduling of content across Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter

  • Coordinating monthly social media calendars of varying sizes for multiple accounts

  • Delivering monthly report to owner and clients

  • Researching and presenting new platform opportunities for consideration

  • Understanding best practices and up-to-date design needs/restrictions across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and/or YouTube

  • Working assigned events and capturing content to use in future digital efforts

  • Assisting in creative brainstorming for brand photoshoots and aiding in photoshoot styling

  • Initiating and coordinating special projects with other team members


Strengths & Skills Necessary for the Position:

  • Strong aesthetic eye and dedication to keeping all content on-brand visually

  • Ability to adapt to client’s brand voice through written copy

  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects/responsibilities/clients through organization, time-management, and self-direction

  • A resourceful work-ethic and ability to research to find solutions

  • Ability to work remotely and willingness to work flexible hours based on social media needs


Reputation and Personal Brand:

Brand and reputation are big to us! Hopefully your personal brand is known for the following:


  • Known for going over and beyond the task and appreciating quality work

  • Known for taking initiative

  • Known for serving others and having patience with others

  • Known for taking responsibility for tasks, faults, and victories

  • Known for wanting to learn and read to improve self and others

  • Known for confident humility

  • Known for being punctual, reliable, and committed

  • Known for communicating professionally and being able to adapt to the target audience

  • Known for being creative with a strong aesthetic eye

  • Known to use social media daily and genuinely enjoy it

  • Known for being professional in speech and writing

  • Known for being self-motivated and self-disciplined



  • Completed 2 or 4 year degree. Preferably in PR, marketing, business, or communications, but all fields are accepted as we base qualifications on experience, transferable skills, and character.

  • At least 2 years coordinating or managing social media for businesses


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Proficiency or familiarity with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign with the ability to create and deliver assets for social media

  • Experience with social media advertising

  • Experience with or knowledge of Auburn University and the Auburn/southern culture


Job Environment & Position Specifics:

We are a remote team based in Auburn/Opelika, AL. You will work from Eloise’s home office or from your own office. Most clients are located in the area but some are located in Georgia and across the United States. There is a need for this position to be in Auburn for specific client work. Eloise encourages each team member to grow as a professional and thus is open to flexible hours and part-time hours. The key to working in the team, is a servant-mindset, self-responsibility, and time management. This position is full time and paid with a salary. Health benefits and retirement are not included at this time (subject to change).


How to Apply:

Eloise Company LLC. is a branding and career consulting company that focuses on the details (both visually and through words). This means we are very intentional about how we communicate and we appreciate those who put forth effort in all that they do. Please see our LinkedIn page, social media profiles, and website to fully learn about what we do and preach. If you feel your strengths, skills, and passions align with what we do, we would LOVE for you to apply!


  • 1-page resume (PDF only)

  • Coordinating cover letter page (PDF only) – please share about your social media experiences and successes you have had building other’s brands. Also, please share if you know your Enneagram, Strength Finder’s, or DISC assessment results 

  • Coordinating reference page with 2-3 references (PDF only)

  • Please include your LinkedIn URL and social media handles somewhere on your materials so we can learn more about you!


What to expect from the interview process:

  1. Apply by emailing Eloise Stewart at

  2. We will review each application and contact applicants who are qualified for a 15-minute phone call with Eloise

  3. If the initial phone call is successful, the applicant will be asked to complete an exercise in branding/social media creative strategy + share Enneagram, Strength Finder’s, or DISC assessment results

  4. The next phase is an in-person interview with Eloise if the applicant is able to complete the exercise well

  5. If both the applicant and Eloise want to move forward, a shadowing day with Eloise will be scheduled so the applicant can interact with the team in-person or virtually

  6. If the shadowing experience is successful for both sides, a potential job offer will follow