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Brand Audit Kit

Brand Audit Kit


This Brand Audit Kit is the closest thing to sitting down with Eloise and auditing your brand. This is perfect for micro, small and medium sized business who have been in business for one year or more. This audit applies to both service-based and product-based businesses. 


Here is what you get in this kit:

  1. 15 short videos to explain key areas of an audit
  2. The Business, Brand, Bandwidth Questionnaire to guide your audit
  3. The .eloise. Google Exercise
  4. And example of an on and off brand
  5. Easy step-by-step instructions to audit 25 elements of your brand 
  6. Our recommended websites, apps and software to elevate your brand
  7. Recommendations for next steps


This is what you will achieve:

1. Clarity on your business direction and priorities for this year.

2. Awareness of your first impression from a customer's stand point.

3. Knowledge of your next steps for elevating your brand to grow your business.


Questions before committing? Contact Us!

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