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I believe relationships are what create success in all areas of life. The word "relationship" is at the core of why I want to do business with students, professionals, and small businesses. I want to know you and your story so I can create as if I am a part of your business or job hunt.

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After returning to Auburn University to teach design in 2014, I began to realize the community needed someone to help not only students but professionals and small businesses alike with branding and design. Though there were and are many designers who can assist professionals and businesses with a strong visual presence, I saw and heard a need for a person to walk through the process with them. The following year, I took a leap and founded .eloise. design co. to do just that. I used my skills from a B.S. in apparel design and production management as well as my M.S. in consumer behavior research to help individuals design and communicate their brands in a way that hadn’t been able to before.


I have a true passion for educating and mentoring others. That is why my business's purpose is not just to create, but to teach, mentor, and demonstrate.


This business is proof that skills and relationships direct the quality of your career. I am here to help you find the same for your career. 


I created Eloise Company, LLC  because I found a void for small businesses and entrepreneurs starting out and for students transitioning into professionals.


Though these 2 voids and audiences don't seem to have anything to do with each other, they do! They both are striving to figure out who they are, what they have to offer, and how they are different from the competition. They both need someone to provide perspective, creativity, organization, and encouragement. That is the void that I fill. 


Branding a small business or professional is an exciting challenge because it is so much more than a logo or resume or a social media profile. It is every avenue that your business and brand is perceived by someone else. 

Never do it alone!

I am blessed to have a small, but mighty team assist me in serving you better. I tell my clients all the time, do not do your business or career alone. 

Katrina Langland

Photographer & Design Coordinator

Lauren Gold

Social Media Coordinator

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