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The word "relationship" is at the core of why we want to do business with professionals and small businesses. We want to know you and your story so we can create as if we are a part of your business or career.

How it began...


After receiving two degrees in Apparel Design and Consumer Behavior from Auburn University, and working in the Apparel Industry, I returned to Auburn University to teach design. I began to realize the community needed someone to help students, professionals and small businesses with branding and design. There were marketing agencies and designers but I saw a need for a person to walk through the process with them. To hold their hand. 


I took a leap and founded .eloise. design co. to help individuals design and communicate their brands in a new way.

The business had two sides that kept me busy! I offered career coaching and resume services to students and branding services to small businesses.



I was a solopreneur trying to do it all on my own.

I took a contract to build my business branding experience, wrote many resumes with students and professionals, and was asked to guest speak for the first time. 


The business grew in both career and business services. I hired my first intern and started offering social media services to branding clients. I partnered with our first brand photographer to expand our offerings.




Along with helping clients individually, we started offering workbooks, workshops, and free resources with the blog. The teacher in me was able to thrive!


Eloise Stewart of Eloise Design Co.


I cut my hair and we grew the team with a Design Coordinator! We partnered with Auburn University Continuing Education to offer an online Personal Branding course.



After 500 resumes, it was time to re-evaluate. I made the decision to reduce the career services. As a seasoned remote team, we buckled down to continue serving our clients who were struggling through a pandemic. We created more systems and processes for our clients and our blog. 



In May, I was honored with Young Business Person of the Year in Auburn, AL and knew I needed to be an influence of wellbeing in a choatic world. I partnered with The Auburn Chamber of Commerce to train, write and teach the first Women's beingwell Retreat. It was taught seven times the first year.



Our team grew and our "mothership" office got an upgrade for photo and video shoots. We refined the business further to focus on small business and non-profit branding and strategy. Each team member has an area of expertise and works together on all client projects. 




We have already started the year with a launch of beingwell - a side project for two years that now has it's own podcast, workshops, and retreats. 


Never do it alone!

This small yet mighty (and talented) team serves many clients.

I tell our clients all the time, do not do your business or career alone. 


Lindsay Penny

Design Manager


Amy Pullen

Social Media Coordinator


Addy Steele

 Project & Photoshoot Manager


Emily Baas

Lead Brand Photographer

Want to Chat?

Get in touch to set up a free quick phone chat or invest in an in-person consultation.

Creativity is unmatched

My team has had the honor of working with Eloise Design Co for several years. Eloise and her team's attention to detail and creativity when it comes to marketing is unmatched. I recently rebranded my company and Eloise was able to capture my strategy and ideas, creating a brand that is on point! She navigates my team's marketing to allow consistency, fun, and brand recognition! We absolutely love her company!

- Melissa Bruce, Bruce Real Estate Group


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