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2021 Meaningful Gift Giving Guide

If you have been around our blog for the last few years, you know that we publish a Meaningful Gift Giving blog post each year. This year we are gathering our gifts in a unique way. We usually give individual gift ideas but this year we are sharing gift basket ideas for 10 people in your life. These basket gifts can be small, medium or large. Baskets don’t have to be expensive. You can oftentimes buy certain elements in groupings to save.

The key to a great basket gift is that it:

  1. Has a theme

  2. Has a variation in size, price, and prominence in the basket

  3. Has a card that tells them why you created this basket for them

1 | The one who doesn’t want anything or has everything

There are many basket themes you could go with for the person who doesn’t want anything. We take a lot of pictures but keep them on our phones. Let’s give the gift of physical photos. Here are some items that can be put in the basket.

For the person who has everything, what if you created a small basket with a few of their favorite treats (or bake them cookies) with a card or letter telling them that you donated to a charity in their name. The donation amount can be small or large. Any amount will be impactful to any non-profit. Here are two that we work with and believe in:

2 | The one who takes care of everyone else

We all know someone in our lives that takes care of everyone else but doesn’t take time for themselves. Give them the gift of self care and time. Create a basket full of items that help them relax.

3 | The one who is never home

As traveling picks up, help your traveler out by restocking their suitcases and cars with items that make traveling more enjoyable and easier. You can even add a Pack Checklist in the basket. This gift can be customized for guys or gals! You might even replace the basket with the toiletry bag. Here is a pin that has helpful ideas.

  • Toiletry/Makeup Travel Bag: for her and for him from Etsy

  • Fill Your Bag For Her: dry shampoo, hair spray, hand sanitizer, Qtips, bobby pins in a holder, mini brush, body wash, lotion, foldable travel slippers

  • Fill Your Bag For Him: body wash, DO, mini brush, travel size cologne, portable charger

  • Packing Check List

4 | The one who loves home

This could be for an individual or family. Create a basket with a board game (large main item) and small items like snacks or the cookie pocket mugs!

We also love these six small businesses run by women who are dear to us. You can either order a custom art piece for someone’s home or give a gift certificate and add it to a small basket with a dish towel and candle.

  • The Art Studio - Michelle is a talented painter and artist. She can paint small pieces as well as large paintings for the home

  • Polished Penny - Lindsay Penny (our Design Coordinator) designs home illustrations perfect for any home

  • KS Handmade - if you can imagine it in wood, Keisha can probably make it happen!

  • The Crazy Crafty Chick - You can get a gift certificate for a workshop so your gal can make something for her own home

  • Born & Raised Studio - This is a great gift for a mom who loves home!

  • Curated Living + Co - Tama might not be an artist but she can make your home a masterpiece with her home organization services!

5 | The ones who are together

Create a basket that enables the couple to do something together away from distractions. You can always do a gift certificate to a restaurant with a coupon for free babysitting (if applicable) OR you can create a picnic basket. This one is super cute.

6 | The ones who are little

Let’s create a basket full of fun toys and educational items that are screen-free!

  • In The Book

  • Amos the Dog book (our friend, Ellen illuatrated it! )

  • KiwiKids or a Lovevery subscription

  • I will usually ask the parents what the kiddo is into and then make a basket based on it - cars or barbie or dress up or games or crafts. As long as its screen-free, everyone wins!

7 | The one who loves food and drink

Sometimes it feels unoriginal or lacking when you only give a gift certificate or bottle of something. But if you pair it with glasses, a couple food items or something for the bar, your basket feels complete.

8 | The one who loves the outdoors

This basket can be themed around those who love adventure, hiking, and camping. Or it can be those who enjoy being in their yard/gardening/biking/walking. Pick one or two of the following items and fill the basket with trail mix, jerky, and their favorite snacks.

9 | The one who loves technology

This could be the person who works with technology, is savvy with tech or maybe they need some tech items to make their lives easier. Here are some items you could combine.

10 | The one who is a man

Sometimes the guys in your life can be the hardest to buy for. So make a basket of a few items and he is sure to love all or at least one! Make it theme based on what he loves. This way you don’t have to buy large expensive items.


We hope you find this guides and these suggestions helpful as you begin your holiday gift giving. Be sure to take a look at our Intentional B2B/B2C Gift Guide if your shopping for your business or clients.

Need even more gift ideas? Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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