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10 Social Media Apps for 2020

social media apps 2020

We know social media planning and management can be overwhelming. We have gathered the 10 apps and websites that we use or recommend to our clients. These apps will enable you to create branded content and will keep you organized across multiple social media platforms.

We recently switched to Planoly. It is perfect for scheduling your Instagram and Facebook posts and stories. You can organize and house your hashtags in the app. This app also gives good analytical insights so you know when to post. There is a free and paid option.

Tailwind is great for scheduling Pinterest content especially because the best practice is to pin multiple pins per day!

We use Hootsuite to schedule our LinkedIn content. We don’t use it for any other platforms.

This free app helps you find hashtags that your audience will search for.

This app helps you easily crop photos, create a grid of images, add text to photos, and create Instagram Story graphics. There is a free and paid version of this app.

Lightroom is a computer program but it also has an app. You can purpose Lightroom presets so that you can easily and quickly edit your phone photos. If you use the same presets for your photos, your content will be cohesive and appear to be better quality. First impressions matter on social media! The app is free but the presents do vary in cost. You definitely get what you pay for for presets!

This app will help you repost content from other social media accounts correctly by giving them credit and linking back to the original post. This is used for Instagram primarily.

We recommend adding close captioning to your videos because many people don’t turn the sound on when on social media. For some of our clients we have to add it for accessibility protocols. Caption This makes it easy to add close captioning to your videos.

Clips makes it easy to to crop, cut or splice videos.

If you don’t have graphic design experience, Canva is a great website and app to use. There is a free and paid version. We recommend paying for the upgrade so that you can use your colors and fonts. This will keep your content on brand.

10 apps for social media marketing

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We hope this has given you helpful information that makes running your social media easier. If you are still feeling weary, don’t worry, we are here to help! We offer consulting services to help you manage your content! Email Eloise with your questions!


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