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2024 Theme Word

2024 theme word

A new year means a new theme word. I love the process of finding a new theme word because there is so much hope and promise in seeking something for a new year. 

As a team, we will pick one word that will represent the direction we are heading in the new year.

And then each team member will pick a word they want for themselves. 

If you have never picked a theme word before, this is your year!  

Last year we shared the steps to finding your word. Read here.

My hope is that by sharing our 2023 theme words, it will inspire you in finding your theme word for 2024. Remember, you need to want the word. And sometimes the word won’t come immediately. You might have to see examples, reflect on the last year, have conversations with others, or listen to music or a podcast. Be patient and know that there is no due date to finding a word that will challenge you and manifest itself in different ways throughout the year. 

Here are our 2023 theme words:

Eloise: Voice

Addy: Intentional | Allie: Surrender | Amy: Surrender | Lindsay: Courage

In January 2023, I wrote - “I believe in 2023, I will be using my voice more than ever. I will be launching a podcast for our program, beingwell. I will be teaching and training small businesses more than ever. … this year, it won’t be the thing I do when I have time. Or when someone asks me to. I will be intentional about planning and inviting others to listen.”

I am so thankful I felt called to this word and that I wasn’t afraid to lean into it. I used my voice so much in 2023 that I lost it in September after recording dozens of videos and leading workshops weekly! I now need to find practices to protect my voice in 2024! 


The 2023 year was a time to GO. We were ready to GO FORWARD. And we went for it! We got to work on the things I had been dreaming about. We went in the direction of education for clients and small businesses. We went for it by founding beingwell as a business, launching the beingwell podcast, developing BuildWell and launching FreelanceWell. 

I knew going for it meant it would be risky and would be hard. And it was both. But I am proud that my past self dared to do it and take one step at a time. I didn’t know the outcome. I wasn’t promised anything. But there was an unexplainable peace in going forward. 

2023 was a year of working on the business. Returning inward to elevate and refine. To build content. To do what we needed to do, not what everyone else wanted us to do. 

eloise design co team photo


And now that we have had a year to build, we are now ready to share. To present.

To broadcast. Thus our 2024 theme word is CURATE. 

Curate has a few definitions but the one that stood out to us was “to select and present content or information”.  We pull together information and content and we curate it into courses, memberships, training, workshops, and consulting. 

So for 2024, we will be curating content and presenting and distributing it

in many different forms to impact as many people as possible. 

I cannot wait to see how this hope, promise and word will manifest itself in 2024!


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