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5 Affordable Summer Work Wear Outfits


For the girl who loves layers and elastic waist bands!

summer work wear styling

I have decided that if I had a style season it would be fall and winter because I love to layer and I HATE to sweat. I struggle to find workwear outfits that I am comfortable in in the hotter months. I want to cover my arms, layer to cover sweat, have pieces that work with multiple outfits, and pants that are comfortable (elastic waistbands!).

With the help of a stylist, we have created 5 outfits that are affordable, lightweight, comfortable, and can be mixed and matched for more outfits. We used some of my existing pieces, paired each outfit with the same pair of shoes, and stuck to a couple stores.

We started at The Mint Julep Boutique. Mary Maud (who you will meet below) found pieces based on my picky requirements. Once we had a handful of pieces we went to Target and shopped my favorite line - A New Day.

I thought my summer styling journey would help you as you prepare for the new weather season and season of life.

REMEMBER, you are exactly who you are supposed to be and you are beautiful.

No matter the size or shape. I found what works for me.

Because when I look good, I feel good.


Now to Introduce Mary Maud and Our 5 Outfits


Mary Maud (Meacham) Kirk is the Creative Director at The Mint Julep Boutique based in Auburn, AL. The Mint Julep has one flagship store but is primarily an online boutique. They have a sister company, Chic Soul that offers plus size fashion.

Mary Maud and I met years ago when she was a fashion under grad student and I was her Graduate Teaching Assistant in sewing lab.

One of the biggest blessings in my career has been to witness the success and growth in the girls, now women, who I taught to hem a shirt in college. Because of social media and LinkedIn I can keep up with most of them and then sometimes I get to have coffee, catch up, and collaborate.

Remember EVERY relationship has a purpose.

Mary Maud was enthusiastic (like her picture!) from the moment I suggested a styling collaboration. She has an ability to appreciate the beauty in all styles whether or not they her own personal style. Check out her Instagram (@mymaudernlife) and I know you will fall in love with her spirit!


5 Affordable Summer Work Wear Outfits

The Pop of Color Outfit

pink blazer
layered necklace

Mary Maud stretched me on this one! She got me into a PINK blazer. I do love it though. It provides structure to my curvy upper body and show personality. This would be a great look for an interview where you know the company has personality.

I already had the pants (look like slacks but have an elastic waist!) and the camisole but there is a cute one at

Pink Blazer from Shop the Mint: You're The Boss Blazer, Dark Berry | $68.00

White Camisole: Women's Crepe Cami - A New Day™ | $17.99


The Breezy Pant Outfit

These pants are SO comfortable! And they have pockets! I didn’t think I could wear them because the belt sat at the waist (the fullest part of my body). Once I tucked a camisole in and added layers, it looked great. I encourage you to break away from everything you usually buy. Get your closest friends to give their opinion of a new piece. You got this!

White Camisole: Women's Crepe Cami - A New Day™ | $17.99


The White Dress Outfit

summer cardigan
summer work wear dress

I knew I needed a new summer dress that I could pair with different layers, accessories, and shoes. Afterall, we need our purchases and clothing to serve us well. We found this white dress at Target.

Just FYI: I do have to wear a slip with it and the v-neck is a little low for certain events. I pinned it no problem. I decided to purchase this long cardigan because it has a belt in the back that reduces the long log look that tunic dresses can create. I will wear this cardigan with multiple outfits through out the whole year.


The Wild Skirt Outfit

leopard skirt work wear
work wear skirt outfit

I haven’t purchased a skirt in a long time and I would not have picked a midi for my short super model legs but Mary Maud found this leopard midi at Target. It has an elastic waist so I could place it where I need for my waist shape and length of legs.

We paired it with 2 tops that I already owned. This skirt could be paired with a white T-shirt for casual Friday or a blazer for more structure.

As for my earrings (hard to see) I find some of my favorite jewelry pieces and accessories at World Market!

Black Camisole: Women's Crepe Cami - A New Day™ | $17.99


The Tunic Top Outfit

able shoes
work wear tunic

The majority of my pants are skinny legged so I need to balance it with tunics and flowier tops. Mary Maud found this lightweight tunic that covers my hiney!

We paired it with some olive pants from Target. The pants I am wearing were a little big. Definitely want to try them on and make sure you like the stretch in the material.

The necklace is a piece I found years ago but I will link some other great necklaces that can be worn all year round.

Lastly, we have the Sand color leather shoes from Able. Super comfortable. These are not as affordable as the black ones I wore with the other outfits.

I believe in investing in shoes that will take you from 7am-7pm. Then I save money on my trendy clothing items as seen above. My favorite summer work wear shoe brands are Chocolate Blu, Able, and Toms (sandal heels).

Tunic Top from Shop the Mint: I Want It All Top, Light Blue | $42.00

Sand Sandal Shoes at Studio 3:19: Pamela Double Strap In Sand By Able | $128

Accessories: Statement necklace found at 5+ years ago. Here are some you may like: Ivory Bead Necklace from Etsy Mustard Tassle Necklace from Etsy Jasmine Bib Necklace from Anthropologie


Please comment below OR comment on Instagram and

let us know if you have tried any of these styles!

We are always looking for #workwear collaborations so email

Eloise at if you are interested.

Sharing is Caring!


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