• Eloise Stewart

Shoes for Working Women

To date, this may be my most favorite blog post to research for but also to write for you!

Not sure when my shoe love started but it has been a lasting love and this is my FIRST time to share my favorite brands, styles, and places to shop.

This post is focused on shoes that will work as hard as the hard-working women that read this. (Sorry men – not this time)

In 2018, I decided there was a void of genuine fashion recommendations for working women. As a career and brand consultant (and former fashion design major and professional), I felt this was a natural extension of what I help my clients with every day. I help you discover your brand and help you communicate it through words, headshots, well-designed resumes, portfolios, etc. BUT I haven’t helped you when it comes to what you put on your body to communicate your style, professionalism, and personality.

Thus we launched THE WORKING WARDROBE. I knew it would be a slow launch and I appreciate all those who are patient. We will be posting 1 large blog post a month on a specific product type.

This month is ALL ABOUT SHOES. (this post is not sponsored – all my real recommendations)

I am listing my favorite brands, styles, and stores. I have compiled a selection of shoes that are appropriate for the season, a range of budgets, and busy working woman. A few of the shoes are what I like to call investment shoes (quality material and fit for a higher price tag). And then I have listed some affordable options from places like Amazon, Target, and Old Navy.

I will be updating styles and brands after this post on Pinterest (@eloisedesignco) and would love for you to follow along! CLICK HERE


First, I need to share my new shoe obsession and favorite shoe of the YEAR!

Why do I love The Walter in Camel ($188) so much? Comfort, perfect height, and neutral color.



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I found the Chocolate Blu brand at Studio 3:19 in Opelika, AL. I eyed them for a while and after securing a couple contracts for .eloise. design co. and working long hours, I treated myself.

Little did I know how much I was treating my feet!

I am a go-go-go type of gal and I need shoes that will take care of my feet and last from 7am-7pm.

I have worked a wedding and a corporate event in these shoes and could still walk the next day. I have worn them from 7am – till after a networking event that ended at 9pm. No blisters.

I know that the strap across the ankle is not for everyone. The good news – they have other styles!

Now if the higher price point and style is not for you. I get it. That is why I have compiled a list of other brands, styles, and stores for you to research.


Besides my Chocolate Blu Shoes, I have really enjoyed Dr. Scholl’s Shoes. I found them at DSW but you can also find them on their site and Amazon. (I always look for the best price!)

I just bought the Work It Wedge Bootie ($59) . SO comfortable. The padding in the sole makes you feel like you are walking on clouds and the fabric used to line the shoes is soft (thus no blisters).

I will keep you updated on how they fare the long days and events!




  • Dr. Scholls

If you aren’t loving the wedge bootie, you will like Dr. Scholl’s Kimber Point Toe Flats ($50-$70). I bought the cheetah print last year and they have been great. I now want these Snake Leather ones! Great neutral with a twist!



I have to be honest, I do not own a pair or Tieks ($135-$300) but multiple family members do and LOVE them. I did buy some for my mom this year and she plans to take them on some of her trips internationally because they pack small (carry-on suitcase friendly) and are comfortable all day while walking.

These are DEFINITELY an investment shoe, but if you plan to wear them daily, they may be what you and your feet need!


  • Old Navy

When I need some simple flats, I look at Old Navy ($19.99- $24.99). You turned to them for your $1 flip flops as a kid, why not for flats for work? I have 2 pairs from here and wear them often.



NOTE: I would be careful with the booties or shoes with heels from Old Navy. They don’t have the best arch support and can end up making your feet cramp if you are on your feet or walking a lot during the day.

  • Target – Universal Thread: Wenda Cut Out Booties ($32.99)

These are super trendy right now. If you are in the fence about the look buy them from Target so the investment is low. I have seen other styles on Pinterest that I like. The angle is flattering on the foot.



I rarely wear traditional heels. I have always preferred wedges because they provide more support to the foot and allow you walk without looking like a baby giraffe. (You know the girl I am talking about who can’t walk in her heels ;))

I believe EVERY WOMAN should have at least one pair of neutral colored wedges.

I have had 2 pairs from DSW (Fergalicious brand) that I have worn for years. I have found a couple other brands that I like and look to have good wedge heights. If you are not used to wearing heels – pick a wedge with a short wedge or platform (like my Chocolate Blu shoes above).

Would LOVE to hear your suggestions on brands and styles for a “work” wedge! DM or email me (eloise@eloisedesignco.com) so I can share with others.

  • CL BY LAUNDRY NIMA WEDGE PUMP (Chinese Laundry) ($39) – low wedge

Love the low wedge. One thing to be careful about is that there is not much support under the toes. The flatter the front, the harder on your feet.


  • JOURNEE Collection Lenox Wedge Pump ($39)

These will be flattering on most feet and the heel is a good height.


  • Syktkmx Womens Mary Jane Wedges Pump ($38)



Bootie and Wedge Bootie season is here! I already have a 3,4,5 pairs so I am not buying anymore this season but I do want to share the brands I bought last year.

  • Lucky:

I love my wedge booties I bought in a rust color last year. Look on Amazon for great prices


Noahh Chelsea Boot ($89)

I have seen a couple bloggers wear these and like them.


  • Target:

I have a couple flat booties pairs that are comfortable. I am hesitant to buy heel booties from Target – not always the most comfortable for me. This heel is a good height.



Because I am my own boss, I can be more casual on a daily basis. I know there are plenty of you out there who are looking for comfortable shoes for Casual Fridays or just busy weekends.

Here are a few I am liking or own already.

  • Keds: Double Decker Slip-On Sneaker ($59.99)

I own grey ones but really want these Light Brown Leather ones too!


  • Dr. Scholls: Abbot Lux Slip On Sneaker ($90)

I tried these on in the store and they are like CLOUDS!


  • Target | Mossimo Supply Co.: Reese Wide Width Slip On Sneakers ($24.99)

I have a few friends who own these from Target in green, black, and blush. These are wide width for the gals who need more room!