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2019 Meaningful Gift Giving

Gift giving … it can be fun and special. But it can also become stressful when you want to buy for many different people and you can’t think of something special for each person on your list.

We find SO much joy in finding meaningful gifts for others, wrapping them, and then seeing them open them. The joy of seeing others happy and touched is priceless.

We see gift-giving as a way to foster a relationship. And it makes us realize how well we know someone as we try and find the perfect gift. I am convicted by this each year. Knowing I have not done a good enough job fostering relationships and knowing what is happening in others’ lives.

We have created this blog post out of love for giving to others. We want to help you give in a meaningful way and foster relationships through giving. Some of our gift ideas are wrapped gifts, some are acts of service, and some are highly personalized.

Before we list all of our favorites this year, read through

our tips and tricks to make this holiday season easier.

TIP #1:

Keep a list on your phone throughout the year of anything you learn about someone. That they love their dog. That they are really into a specific podcast or author. That they love a specific brand, store, or restaurant. That they love getting pedicures once a month. That they said they need or want something. Whatever it is, record it. Then when it is time to give, you are ready to buy and won’t be stressed about what to get them.

(This will also end up saving you money because you will buy intentionally)

TIP #2:

If you haven’t recorded anything, ask yourself 3 questions.

  1. What does the person do professionally and personally?

  2. What does the person talk about?

  3. What does the person enjoy or love?

TIP #3:

And if you are still stumped, have a conversation with your gift recipient.

Afterall, gift-giving should foster relationships.

  1. How is school or work? What are you doing at work/school?

  2. What have you been up to outside of work/school? (Where do you go in your free time?)

  3. What are you loving lately? (movies, books, music, brands, podcasts, etc.)

TIP #4:

Once you have thought though who your gift recipient is, think about the type of gift to give. These are the 4 genres I usually find myself giving.

  1. Something to read or learn (book, subscription, lessons)

  2. Something to play with (toy, electronic, sports-related, crafts, music-related)

  3. Something to wear (clothes, shoes, or accessories)

  4. Something to do (restaurant, concert, show, exercise class, movies, event, workshop)

TIP #5:

I usually pick 1-2 theme gifts for the year. Last year my theme was books and candles. This helps to give meaningful gifts by customizing the gift to the person but simplifying the search.

Other easy theme gifts:

Candles, earrings, face masks, books, wine/liquor, framed pictures, personalized stationery

Now you are ready to shop, but where? Here are a few places we are shopping this year.

  1. Books and More:

  2. Photo Gifts:

  3. Customized and Special Gifts:

  4. Pretty Things:

  5. Different and Unique Gifts: and

  6. Quality Personalized Gifts:

  7. Local Boutiques and shops: and

  8. Minimalist Jewelry:

  9. Target, World Market, and TJ Maxx

  10. Subscription-Based businesses


12 Different Types of People In Your Life

We have identified 12 different types of people that you may know in your life. We didn’t do The mom, The man, The girlfriend, The parent, etc. We chose to go a different route because people like @chrislovesjulia create awesome Gift Guides already. We decided to create types based on what people are experiencing in life. Happy gifting!



Eloise Career Workbooks

Swell Snack Container (hot or cold)

1-year Subscription to Amazon Prime


A framed quote: I love finding a quote, printing it off on my printer or at a local printer and then framing it in a pretty frame from Artifact Uprising. Inexpensive but thoughtful.

Smart Back Pack

A Nice Bag to Replace the Backpack as They Enter the Industry:

The Dagne Dover Tote with Compartments

Tote Bag from Target (get it customized with their initial)

Men’s Laptop Bag from Etsy

Low on $$$: gift cards to place they like but don’t have money to go to

Local Restaurant gift card (The Hound) and Gas gift card

Tired from the semester: spa package or massage

Homesick Candles for the Student Who Is Far From Home



Ember Mug - Temperature Controlled from your phone!

Corkcicle Lunch Tote

Lunch Box for a Man

Mini Business card holder + Gift Card for Personalized Mini Business Cards

Customized Leather Business Card Holders

Book on Networking or Personal Development: See our Pinterest Board: Meaning Gift Giving for lists of books

Tech Cord Organizer

Travel Cord Organizer from UnCommon Goods

Travel Bags

Travel Toiletries from brands they love

Customized Luggage Tags from Etsy

To Do List - Sticky Notes (stocking stuffer)

Healthy snack subscription box = Graze



Personal Branding for Professionals Course

Leather Portfolio Case

Customized Leather Padfolio

Personalized Stationery from Etsy Shops (Lola Louie Paperie)

Personalized Stationary from



Hand Squeezed Juicer for a Fun Drink Bar

Pretty Serving Dishes (match their style - wood, white, silver, ornate, etc.)

Appetizer or Cocktail Mixers from Local Brands

Personalized Home Bar Items

Mixology Set

Personalized Wood Recipe Board

Homebody Shirt

Hearth & Hand Candles from Target - Cedar Magnolia

Oliver Henry Candle Co. (based on Opelika, AL)

Wine Subscription



Take a picture of their new home, download the Sketch Master App, upload the picture to the app and pick your filter. Print off your new sketched photo and frame it! I love the frames from Target and Artifact Uprising!

Home town or Alma Mater Custom Sketch for Home

Homesick Candle to Remind them of Home

Bluetooth Keyless Entry



Farmgirl Flowers

Scalp Revival Therapy

Shower Steamers

Spa Gift Card from a Local Spa

Or Foot Massage from a Local Foot Massage Spa

Essential Oil Eye Mask with Sound Machine

Book: Stretched Too Thin by Jessica Turner

Book: When Less Becomes More by Emily Ley

Slippers: Toms Slippers (Eloise's Favorites)

Beanie with Interchangeable Pom Poms from Anthropologie

Emma Jane Designs - Simple Jewelry Pieces with Meaning

Costume Earrings by Beth Ladd Collections

Agate Rock Pop Sockets

Fleece Lined Pants by Fancy Crush



The Dating Couple

The Adventure Challenge - Couples Edition

The Engaged or Newly Married Couple

They have so many photos from their engagement and wedding -

Look at Artifact Uprising or Snap Fish or for customized photo gifts

The Married Couple

Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit

The Couple with Kids

Give them a date night: gift card + free babysitting

Date Night Box


THE FAMILY (includes kid gifts)

Personalized Calendar or Gift Card for one

Oversized Games

A Map of Memories

Gathre Mat - for little ones

Games for the whole family - LCR

Backpack Cooler

The Adventure Challenge - Family Edition



Ember Mug - Temperature Controlled from your phone!

Birthday and Anniversary Organizer - great for grandparents!

New York Times Front Page Birthday Book

Farmgirl Fresh Wreath

Smart Device Charging Station

AWAY luggage

Look at Mark & Graham for nice gifts

Return Address Stamp (self-inking)


THE CONSCIOUS ONE: Body, Mind, and Earth

Body & Health Conscious

Self-Hem Leggings (for the short people!)

Organic Coffee Subscription

Healthy Snack Subscription Box - Like Graze

Earth Conscious

Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Humidifier

Make a Zero Waste Kit or buy one (include reusable straws, silverware, and cup)

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws Home Products



Trivia Game with Amazon Alexa

Personalized Book Stamp/Embosser

Audible Subscription

Reading Bundle: Book light + Kindle Gift Card or Book + Customize Bookmark

New book - check out book guides on Pinterest Board

Leather bookmark or corner page bookmark

Customized Metal Book Mark



Fi Smart Collar (GPS)

The Foggy Dog: Cute Dog Accessories, Collars, and Beds

Mark and Graham: Customized dog sweater

DIY Blankets

Go to sam’s club and get there big super soft blankets. They have Christmas themed ones right now, but also lots of different other colors. It is way cheaper than buying actual “dog” blankets.

Jar or Bucket of Treats:

ShutterFly Jar

TJ Maxx - they always have good dog treat canisters, bones, and toys

Barkbox Subscription

Purchased Dog Bandana

DIY dog bandana for the holidays or their owner’s favorite sports team



Custom Car Sketch from

Grill Smoker Gift Set


Dollar Shave Club Subscription

Other Men’s Subscriptions:

Birch Box - for the guy who won't buy himself nice toiletries - for the groomer

Sports Stadium Blueprint

Monogrammed Custom Socks

Bluetooth Headphone Beanies

Monogrammed Leather Sunglass Strap

Smart Wool Socks


More gifts can be found on our Pinterest Board!

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