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What is your 2020 Theme Word?

theme word

A few years ago I was fed up with making promises or resolutions to myself and never accomplishing anything. I decided I needed to make it more simple for myself. So 2 years ago I told myself I only needed to pick 1 word. It would be my theme word for the year. Something realistic.

Something I WANTED to do. (Because if you don’t want to do it, you won’t).

I picked the word TRAVEL. We would travel once a month for 12 months. It could be a short car trip over the weekend. It could be an adventure in Texas. It could be to take care of family in a place we had been a million times. But we would get out of our bubble 12 times. And we did.

I realized I was on to something. So I decided to pick 2 words (one for personal, one for business). I challenged the girls on my team to pick 1-2 words. And for the first time in 4 years of business we saw the needle move in incredible ways. It works. Personally and Professionally.

This is why I want to challenge you to pick a theme word.

Once you pick that word flesh it out in simple actionable ways just like I did for TRAVEL.

There are 3 secrets for it to work.

  1. You have to want it.

  2. You have to write it down somewhere where you will see it daily.

  3. You have to tell someone your word.

Its that simple. No workbook. No hours of self-reflection. Just do it.



Here are our themes and why we picked them. We have decided to keep our simple and specific goals private but hope to share how our themes manifest themselves at the end of 2020.


eloise stewart


As we discussed the change and growth that we wanted .eloise. design co. to experience in 2020, it was evident that that change and growth was not going to happen accidentally or naturally. More than ever we will have to be intentional with our time, our yes's, our work, our clients, our services, our processes, our work time and our rest time, our goals, our communication. The list goes on.

Instead of chasing. We will be planning and leading.

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we will … anymore.


Not sure where your faith lies or what you believe in, but I would be lying if I told you I came up with this word. It was given to me. It was spoken to me during a time of rest and reflection. It confused me at first, but also provided so much clarity.

Because I didn’t expect for this to be my word personally, I am still digesting it. Still forming goals around it. But I know it means we are exactly where we are supposed to be. We will continue to work hard while being intentional so we are ready when the word changes from steady to change/go/act/risk.


katrina langland


My first theme for this year is to be more mindful of my choices and habits. I want this year to be dedicated to be more mindful and intentional with my decisions. I don't expect to be perfect by the end of the year, but I hope to make improvements toward how I am spending my resources (time and money), reducing waste, and in the habit of making overall healthier choices for myself and family.


My second theme for this year is to experiment more. I find that I work better when I make more time to create outside of work. Whether this is planning creative photoshoots for myself or doing another form of creating I enjoy (such as sewing, painting, gardening, etc.).


kate stewart


There will be a lot of change in 2020 for me as I complete my Master’s Degree and pursue a PhD program. I have lived in Auburn the last 6 years and it's hard to envision life elsewhere. I want to remind myself to EMBRACE the change with open arms and know that the unknown is a blessing and a challenge I can handle.


I see the power of a positive attitude and positive thinking can have when life is stressful, unexpected, or full. No matter what I encounter I want to remind myself to approach change, conversations, relationships, challenges, and opportunities with positivity.



I encourage you to be realistic and pick something that fits with your life this year. Don't pick TRAVEL if you are paying off debt, or having a baby, or finishing grad school. Pick the word SAVE or FAMILY or FOCUS instead. Look at what your year holds already and pick a theme that will help you LIVE it the best way possible.

Here are some ideas to get your creative, reflective juices flowing! Each of these 30 words will mean something different to each of you. If it speaks to you, ask yourself why? If it doesn’t, it isn’t your word.

  1. Once you pick a word, write it down.

  2. Google its definition.

  3. Define it for yourself and how it will affect your year.

  4. List 3 things you will do this year because of this theme word.

  5. Then tell or text someone your word. These things don’t work without accountability.

  6. Then let me (Eloise) know your word by messaging me on Instagram, Facebook, or posting it (tag me so I see it). If I know your word, I can encourage you!

eloise design co theme

Don't forget to share with us what word you picked and why!

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