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The 3 P's to Adapt Your Social Media & Branding During Covid-19

Are you struggling to decide if your marketing, social media, or creative strategy is still appropriate during Covid-19 and quarantine?


Are you struggling to create content to engage or communicate with your audience or serve your target customer?

You are not alone!

As I have worked with our business branding clients in the last few weeks, we have filtered all of the creative ideas and solutions through the 3 P’s. I want to share these with you in hopes they inspire you to create content that is appropriate and relevant as well as something that serves your audience.


Now is the time to be positive. People don’t need more opinions or more news. They need to laugh, see joy, and be encouraged to learn what they CAN do. When creating content think about sharing the following:

  1. Share encouragement through words, quotes, videos, or reposts (you don’t have to have all the ideas or right words).

  2. Share what you and your team ARE doing, not what you can’t do. There have been plenty of announcements about what is canceled or postponed. Let’s focus on what is still happening and can happen.

  3. Share what your customers are doing or how they have been blessed.

  4. Take care of your employees in unique ways - when they share about how you have cared for them, it will speak louder than your words.


Next, I want you to make sure your content is productive.

Though this is a time to serve, that does not mean you can’t sell. You will be doing your business, livelihood, employees, and customers a disservice if you don’t sell and make any income during this time. You can still sell as long as it is selling the right thing at this time.

Here are 3 ways your content can be Productive:

1. During a crisis and uncertain times, it is

crucial that you communicate often … especially with your current customers/clients. You cannot afford to lose the ones who already trust you and pay you. How can you communicate with them on a daily or weekly basis to:

  • Check-in on their needs

  • Serve them in new or different ways

  • Update them on your services and how you can help

This can be done through personal or mass emails (we use Flodesk), social media, mail,

phone calls, texts, etc.). You have to be strategic in thinking about the delivery of this communication so that it (1) breaks through the noise and (2) will gain a response easily.

Don’t rely on social media alone to communicate. That is the easy path but not always the most effective for your current customers/clients.

2. This the time to share educational content with your audience and customers/clients. This can be done through video, photography, blog posts, email newsletters, courses, Facebook groups, Instagram stories, Lives, or IGTV. Your delivery does not have to be polished and professionally edited right now. If it is consistent with your brand style and voice, it will be effective. Focus on the quality of the content. If you are struggling to think of content, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I do for clients that others may not know?

  • What do clients ask me about often?

  • What mistakes do you see others make that you could easily give advice on?

  • What could you share that is related to your business/industry?

  • What partners can I partner with to educate my audience?

And if you are still struggling, poll your audience! If you are a caterer, ask your audience

what they are struggling most with all of the at-home meals. If you are a home

remodeler, ask your audience which room in their house they realize they need to upgrade. If you are in marketing, ask people what platform they wish they knew more about.

EXAMPLE: A local agency recently posted a quick video educating people on how to hold your phone when recording a video for posts. It was so simple but incredibly helpful to those who are new to video.

3. Think through your product or services, how can they help people now? How can they be edited, adapted, or added to in order to serve better? If you are planning to launch a new product or service, ask yourself “will this be more successful if you postpone the launch?” If so, I encourage you to wait. Don’t push something out if it isn’t right for your audience right now.


For those of you who serve perishable items, how can you reduce your overhead while still offering your products to maintain brand awareness? I love how The Bean Coffee Shop takes orders for curbside pickup for their popular Cinnamon Rolls 2 days a week. This works for them and their product. How can this idea inspire you?


This phrase is true all the time but especially right now …

People connect with people, not businesses.

We need connection more than ever right now. Post pictures of your team, your people, or customers. If you are a business that sells products or services that are considered luxuries, you need to share your story and about your people. Small businesses like Scarlet & Gold have posted videos and posts to help their customers and followers realize that their business supports families. Your posts shouldn’t create guilt but should help people see the human side of the business.

As you brainstorm how to do this for your business, here are some ideas:

  • Create a video of you or your team using your product or talking about your service

  • Create a sale and personally communicate how you will deliver, ship, or pick up the products

  • Take the extra time to style your products so people can envision using it

  • Interview your team or partners on funny or informational content

  • Give back with the products, services, or people you have - show them in action.


I hope the 3 P’s will inspire you and your team to create valuable content that serves your audience and grows your brand. Don’t pause your business or your brand awareness during this time. Social and physical interactions may be postponed but your business doesn’t have to be.

If I can help you create a strategy, email Eloise at

Keep following the blog for more actionable branding and encouragement.


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