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How to Design & Use Business Cards in 2024

how to design and use a business card

Business cards can still have a valuable place in our branding as they provide legitimacy and opportunities for connection while having the ability to implement your sales and marketing strategy. You might not have thought that a small piece of card stock could do all that! 

When you meet someone new and you begin talking about your businesses, 8 times out of 10 (from personal experience) someone asks for a business card. When one person does not have a card, there is a missed opportunity. But when you do have one (and it's impressive) your legitimacy has increased in their mind. 

Giving a business card to someone increases your chances of remembering them and they remembering you. Which increases the likelihood that you will connect again. 

Depending on the purpose for your cards they will be designed and used differently. Let me share a few examples to help illustrate my point:

two sided business cards

One-Sided or Two-Sided - we usually recommend that our clients design a two-sided business card so that the front can prominently show the logo and the back can house the contact information. But for a few clients in sales focused roles, we have designed a one-sided card as they need to be able to write notes on the back of the card when giving it to someone. It is a part of their sales strategy to customize the card to help the person remember or connect with them later. 

realtor business cards

Picture or No Picture - We don’t usually place a headshot or picture of the team on business cards unless they are in real estate. In real estate and similar industries where there is a lot of competition and you are relying on the person connecting with you in order to get the business, it is helpful to have your face on your card. This helps a potential client remember you.

sales business cards
artist business card

Pictures of Product - If you are an artist or sell something that is visual, consider using the front of the cards to show your work. When you print with, you can have 10 different fronts and the same back. So you would show 10 different examples of your art (as seen in the examples above) and then have your contact information on the back. This is one of my favorite ways to market products for a small business. 

promotion business card

Traditional Card or Promo Card - Most businesses need at least a general business card for the whole team to use. But if the team isn’t going to use them, the owner or face of the company should have one so that they don’t miss an opportunity. Beyond this, sometimes the marketing strategy will dictate that we need to design a promo card. It is the same dimensions as a traditional business card but instead of communicating contact information of one person, it has a promotion or offer. This works really well for brick and mortar businesses to get people in their store/restaurant. Clients will offer things like Free dessert with purchase or 15% off first purchase. Or an online business or service based business can add a QR code to a specific page for an offer or free resource. 

I personally love transitioning a business card into a promotional card because it provides the employee or owner something to give. I believe the best strategies are ones where you give before you ask. And a promo card enables the client to give something as they share who they are and create a connection. 


Two Types of Business Cards for 2024

business card design

Print and digital business cards are relevant and useful in 2024. As long as you actually use them and they align with your marketing and sales strategy. I am sharing some tips for both print and digital cards below. 

Print Business Cards 


Design Matters - In a world with a lot of noise, strong clean design matters. Our minds avoid chaos and complicated design. If you are not a designer, hire someone to design your card so that when you give it out, people are impressed and it builds your reputation in the way that you want. 

Less is More - Too often we see too much information and design elements on a small card. Remember, the business/promo card might be your “first date” with a potential customer. They don’t need to know everything. If you use fax often and you are giving your card to those who need to fax you information, then your fax number should be on there. Otherwise, it does not need to be there. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you have to share it now. 

Color and Fonts - Too often we see too many colors used, too light of colors, and too many fonts used. You do not need more than 2 fonts on a business card. And your colors need to be able to print well so that the information is legible. 

Margins - We can tell when someone has DIYed their business cards because they have not left enough space around the outer edge. They try to fill all the empty spaces of the card. The fonts could be smaller, the logo could be scaled down some. Remember, the eye needs somewhere to rest, you don’t need to fill the whole space. 

moo business cards


Paper matters for your cards. It matters to the person who grabs your card and feels it for the first time. Every time someone holds my card, they comment on the thickness and feel. I have impressed them with little effort! 

If you have spent time on the strategy, purpose, and design of your cards, make sure the paper aligns. We recommend a heavy card stock. 120-130 lb is what most local printers have in-stock. 

If you want to really impress, we recommend using for printing high quality business cards. They have great paper options that local printers don’t have in-house. You can choose details such as foil, coatings, and embossing. They also print color and photographs really well. When you use this link, you will get 20% off your first order! 

We also like to support local printers near us. We do this when a client needs a quick order or a small quantity. When ordering from a local printer, ask for the heaviest card stock they have for your cards. And pay attention to gloss vs. no gloss. Gloss can be on-brand for some brands but we generally stick to no-gloss. It is hard to write on business cards that have a gloss on them. 

Pro Tip: If you are unsure of your design and margins, ask for a free printed proof (not a digital one). 

Digital Business Cards
digital business card popl

You might not be convinced that a print card is for you based on your business or role but a digital business card is for everyone. There are many apps you can use. We have used Popl and have enjoyed it. There is a free version to test and a paid version for more features. You can quickly share your information with someone else’s phone. And it will look like your brand. 


business card brand photography

Three Uses for Business Cards for 2024

Now that you have a strategy, purpose, and design, it is time to use it. Here are three opportunities to use your business cards. 

01 Events - If you don’t identify as a natural “sales” person, then a business card is your security blanket. Once you have met someone and have been talking with them, you can confidently close the conversation while its still on a high note by sharing your card and offering to help in the future. 

02 Photography / Videography - Incorporating a business card in your brand photography is an easy way to differentiate it from stock photography. It communicates the brand without having to create more graphics. The images can then be used on social media or your website.


03 Unexpected Opportunities - There are times that you know you will be networking and thus need a business card. But there are other situations that you didn’t expect to create a business card opportunity. You can be in a store or on vacation. A business card enables you to follow through or keep the conversation going that wasn’t planned. So be prepared and have at least 3 with you at all times. Or if you are using a digital card, don’t be afraid to share your information with your new acquaintance! 


eloise design co branding

Let us help you with your cards … and branding!

If you realize you need help with your brand and strategy so that you know which business card you need, reach out to us for a free consultation. We will evaluate your brand and let you know if we are the right fit for you! See our Services here and reach out via our Services Form


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