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You need an ACCOUNTABILABUDDY. Period.

Do you know why?

1. Because more professionals say they are tired. When we are tired or overextended or stressed or unfulfilled, our feelings take over. When our feelings speak louder than anything else, we need truth. We need perspective. We can’t give those things to ourselves in those moments. We need someone else to speak the truth, give perspective, and encourage.

2. Because we seldom celebrate the small, recognize the blessings, or see how far we have come on our own. We need a cheerleader. We need someone who will make us stop and be proud of ourselves. We need someone to remind us of the achievements and strengths when we are experiencing loss, failure, or overwhelm.

3. Because we weren’t meant to do our lives and careers alone. That’s just boring!

You may be thinking, “What is an ACCOUNTABILABUDDY?”

A person you know and trust.

A person you promise to intentionally communicate with on a weekly basis.

A person you will listen to.

A person who will listen to you.

A person you can laugh, cry and be honest with.

Remember you don’t have to be successful or accomplished. You don’t have to be in a healthy or good place to do this. Your experiences and current situation can help your accountabilabuddy and visa versa.

I PROMISE YOU if you will focus on someone else, you won’t feel alone. Don’t wait for someone to reach out to you. That’s not what stops loneliness, self-doubt, feelings taking over. Reaching out to others, building a relationship, having someone know what is going on in your life … these are the things that combat the loneliness and the feelings.

If you have been following my blog for the last year, I wrote a detailed blog post about NOT doing your career alone. I shared 5 ways you can intentionally live your life and career with others. Go check it out if you need a deeper dive. HERE

For this blog post, I am focusing on 1 of those 5 ways:

Finding and Keeping an ACCOUNTABLILABUDDY.


It’s easier than you think. You know these steps. I am just asking you to be intentional week in and week out. Because if we aren’t, our lives get busy and we don’t have anyone who is there for the mundane, celebrations, and challenges.

1. Select one person in your life who knows you AND that you trust. You don’t have to be identical. This person can be in a different state/country, they can be a different age, they can be in a different season of life, they can pursuing a different type of career. Just make sure you have 1 thing in common. And MOST IMPORTANTLY make sure they will be a positive force and not a complaining companion.

2. Reach out to them, share this blog post with them, and ask that you start talking about your careers or businesses through text, email, or phone call on a weekly basis.

3. Check-in on each other with a text once a week.

4. Send them gifs, memes, emojis to make them smile. Be that joy in each other’s lives. Send them helpful articles from social media, blogs, podcasts, books, or LinkedIn to challenge, encourage, and motivate.

5. Schedule time once a month to talk on the phone or meet for a drink/meal. Texts are great but we hide behind out technology too much. We need personal interaction we need to see and hear each other.

Again, this is EASY. This is what you do with some of your family or friends. I am just asking you and your accountabilabuddy to acknowledge it, be committed to it, and be intentional about it.

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We will be sharing reminders and encouragement every Friday to hold you accountable!


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