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Branded Email Signature

You need an email signature!

An email signature shows professionalism, contributes to your brand, and provides useful information to the recipient.

Benefits of a Strong Email Signature:

  1. It can tell them how you want to be addressed (Example: Katherine vs. Katy)

  2. It can tell them your credentials (PhD = Dr.)

  3. It can tell them how to contact you (phone, email, office vs personal)

  4. It can lead them to websites and profiles to learn more about you

If you have any issues creating your custom email signature or need help with your professional or businesses brand, contact us, we would love to help!


For Students:

1. First and Last Name

2. If you don’t have a title and company (list what you are pursing now)

Example: “Pursuing a B.S. in Apparel Design at Auburn University”

Example: “International Business with a focus in Marketing at Auburn University”

3. Current Leadership Titles with Organizations or Companies

Example: President | ABC Organization (add link to the organization or business)

Example: Athletic Hostess for Auburn University Baseball Team

4. Email address

5. Phone Number (if you want recipients calling you)

6. Link for LinkedIn Profile

7. Link to Blog or Portfolio Website

*Only add in social media icons and links if your profiles are related to your industry and are professional This is good for PR majors who are pursuing social media management.

Personal Email Signature:

If you are employed, your work email should be customized to the company. I recommend that you include the following for your personal email signature:

  1. First and Last Name (include credentials if you have them)

  2. Title and Company or Title and Industry

  3. Any other titles of importance (leadership positions

  4. Email

  5. Cell Phone (if you want recipients calling you)

  6. Links to any side businesses

  7. Link to Blog or Portfolio

  8. Link for LinkedIn Profile

For Business Owners:

  1. First and Last Name (include credentials if you have them)

  2. Title and Company Name

  3. Any other titles of importance (leadership positions or awards of relevance)

  4. Email

  5. Phone (cell and/or office)

  6. Business Address (Specify if it is mailing or physical if that is important. Do not add if you don't want people to visit your home office!)

  7. Company Website

  8. Optional: Add a phrase with a link to something you want to showcase (You Tube Video or Blog)

  9. Social Media Links for Business (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn)


Here are simple ways to create professional email signatures for your desktop and phone.


We have been using for our client's branded and clickable email signatures. We have used Option 2 in the past but found that the HTMLsig helps with formatting no matter what email system you use (gmail, outlook, etc.)

There is a free and paid option for You can create 1 email signature for free.


eloise design co email signature

You can create an email signature using Google Docs with active links, logos, and great design. You do not have to have a logo in your email signature. You can just have a well-designed text only signature that still serves your well.

Side Note: I do not recommend adding a picture of yourself to your email signature. It takes up too much room, often makes the email harder to download on phones. People will find what you look like through your LinkedIn and social media links.

I encourage my clients to follow this easy tutorial from Jessica Stansberry to create their own.

She even has a You Tube video to walk you through the process! CLICK HERE


phone signature

You can still have a custom email signature when you send an email from your phone.

It does not need to be as lengthy as your desktop/computer email signature but it should still provide the information your recipient needs to contact you or find your company info.

I recommend removing “Sent from IPhone” – give them something personalized!

Phone Email Signature:

First and Last Name

Title and Company



Address (if its a place you want them to visit)


Customize your iPhone Email Signature: CLICK HERE

Customize your Android Email Signature: CLICK HERE


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