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How to Educate and Build Trust through Branding


Sadie Pipkin is a naturopath and doula. She has been a doula for some time but recently received her ND to practice natural medicine in the Dothan, AL area. She has a passion for helping women (and men) live healthier. But she understands that healthy is different for each person and is realistic about changing habits. She needed to brand herself and her business. She also needed help knowing what she needed to market and how to present herself as she launched the business. She knew she couldn’t do it all at the beginning based on time and budget, so she asked for our help to decide what she needed next.


Her ideal and target audience is women. Women with infertility struggles, women who are pregnant, women in seasons of post-pregnancy and even women who are struggling with hormone issues. As she begins her business, she is focusing on women in the Dothan, AL area.


We met with Sadie to fully understand her services, her clients, and their needs/problems. From there we developed a brand that reflected her professionalism, approachability, and relaxed personality. She did not want her brand to feel stiff, medical, or sterile. Once we developed the logo, colors, fonts, and graphics, we started working on business cards, social media profiles, brand photography shot list, and website. We encouraged her to start with a brand photography session so that she would have content for social media and her one-page website. Strong imagery would also create trust with her clients. Once we planned her shot list and completed the photoshoot, we were able to design a one-page website. She will be able to add to her website as her business grows, but the one-page website speaks to women’s needs, her solutions, and how to contact her. Not every website has to be multiple pages, especially in the beginning. It can be simple but effective.


When building trust, you need to communicate three things (especially through social media and a website).

1. Establish Credibility and Legitimacy. A well designed website with branded photos that show your face and you (or your people) in action, builds trust. The same photos you use on your website should be seen on your social media and other marketing materials.

2. Communicate Knowledge and Education. Don’t be afraid to list your experience, education, certifications, awards/honors, years of experience, etc. People want to know they are working with someone who knows what they are doing and have done it before. Additionally, you can share free education on your social media and website so that people will get a taste of your style and expertise.

3. And lastly (but importantly) Create Connection. You might believe that Sadie is credible and knowledgeable but when you are dealing with women’s health, your audience wants to feel that you understand them, won’t judge them, and will help them. No matter the audience or profession, you need to create connection. We all have competition and we all work in saturated markets. But if you connect with someone through words, images, and video, they will pick you over the cheaper or more popular option. Don’t write like a robot. Write like a human speaking to another human. Address their problem. Finish the thought in their mind. And answer their questions.


If you need help developing your brand, fill out our Services Form to see if we are the right fit for you! You can see more of our work here.

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