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How We Are Helping Small Businesses Beyond The Brand

Eloise Design Co

Over the last six years, I have witnessed two needs repeatedly. So this last year I started down the problem-solving path to find a solution to the two needs. 

I wasn’t sure what it would produce but now a year later, I can see it all come together. So this is a reminder to keep going, keep asking, keep revising, and keep serving. It will produce something of value, even if small in the beginning. 

Eloise Design Co Social Media

NEED #1:

About two years into my business (which was six years ago) I began hearing and engaging in conversations with business owners about needing social media and marketing help but not wanting to pay an agency or full-time employee. 

They also couldn’t manage or train a college intern and didn’t want the turnover that happens with internships. AND it wasn’t fair or strategic to entrust the marketing of your business to an intern with little experience. 

So we at .eloise. design co. began offering social media and marketing services. We had multiple small and large retainers which was great for business. But it got to a point that we couldn’t help every client with every need or budget. And my goal for the business was NOT to be a social media management company. Although this would have been a great business, that is not where my heart is. My heart is with branding. 

As we had to say no to clients, I wanted to be able to recommend them to someone local, skilled, and affordable. But I was struggling to find agencies that would be interested and professionals with more experience than managing their personal profiles.

Eloise Design Co FreelanceWell


As I started looking for skilled professionals to serve small businesses, I noticed new needs on the other side of the relationship: 

  • Freelancers or small agency start-ups were missing out on opportunities because they were not clear on what they offered. 

  • They were offering too many services in order to get business. Oftentimes, in areas they had no experience or training in. 

  • They were making it hard for someone to find them and reach out. They didn’t have updated social media profiles, a strong website, or a Google business profile. 

  • They didn’t have processes for a high-level client experience. It was hard for me to pass a client on to them knowing the client was used to a certain level of organization and service. 

  • They didn’t always work from a place of intentional strategy. They were implementing and executing creatively. But without a brand foundation and strategy, the content and marketing were unnecessarily trendy and inconsistent. 

Eloise Design Co Small Businesses


With the decision that we were not a social media agency and we're sticking to what we know best–branding–I started seeking out and meeting freelancers and aspiring freelancers in design, social media, marketing, photography, etc. I began building a database. And then as clients were graduating from our services and asking me for recommendations for marketing or admin assistance, I would introduce one of the freelancers to them. 

While I watched and learned from these experiences, I began developing the material for FreelanceWell, a 3-month mentoring program to help freelancers build a brand and business well. 

Now the pieces have come together. We are not only helping small businesses grow and learn to delegate early on. But we are also helping freelancers find more opportunities and make more income. 


Eloise Design Co

We provide the branding foundation for the small business and the freelancer.

Then we pair small businesses with skilled freelancers so they can creatively share the small business brand. The success we have seen from this makes my heart happier than seeing a beautiful brand come to life (which is saying something!). 

If you are a small business owner: we would love to work with you on your brand and strategy to ensure you have a foundation. And then, we will introduce you to others who can help to share your brand. 

If you are a freelancer or small agency serving small businesses in design, marketing, advertising, copywriting, photography/videography, admin, or brand management - consider our FreelanceWell program or our Affiliate Program. 



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