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How to Reflect on a Season

I know you are busy.

I know the last thing you want to add to your TO DO LIST is a reflect exercise.

I also know from speaking with professionals and students almost every day that you want to find your career path, purpose, passion, motivation, calling, fulfillment.

Me too.

But can I be real with you?





If you are in a waiting time, don’t waste it. Use the exercise below to gain clarity.

If you are in a busy, intense time, you need this exercise to re-gain focus.

I am in the busy intense time, but I have been in the waiting time in the past.

No matter what time of life you are in, reflecting after a season can help you remember how blessed your life really is. I am guilty of looking to the next thing without celebrating what was just accomplished. And I have been guilty of not remembering life. We are so busy, we barely remember last week.

I challenged Kate (my very appreciated social media and public relations coordinator) and myself to complete the following REFLECT exercise. We wanted to “practice what we preach” so to speak and be example to you.

We are answering the same 9 questions that you will find in the FREE Worksheet below. We aren’t just listing answers. We tried our best to answer the “So what?” after each one. We got a little deep on you in order to show you how you should approach this exercise. Read through our examples and then try it for yourself.


E L O I S E ’ S T U R N

How juggling lots of travel and many new projects created many late nights,

forced me to find MY balance and helped me remember my mission.

What were you most fulfilled by in this season of life?

This season made me realize that am most fulfilled when I am experiencing life and helping others through theirs.

I got to travel and experience life more this summer than I have in 2 years. I have dedicated all my energy to this business and now I am letting the business treat me!

I received a number of emails and messages from clients thanking me for helping through a job hunt, a transition, or an interview. They did the work but I am so touched I was able to stand by them. Remember, you are not alone in your career!

What did you do to re-fuel?

  • Read blogs, listened to an entire podcast, finished one book, started a second one.

  • Experienced fresh perspectives, different people and new places.

  • Enjoyed Bubble Baths: I gave myself permission to relax. Something I struggle with.

  • Worked Out: Worked out at Metrics Fitness Lab whenever I was in town (probably should improve this!)

What inspired you?

New places. If you have followed me since January you will know I don’t make resolutions, but rather I decide on a theme for my year. I themed 2018 with TRAVEL. I have NEVER kept a resolution (can you relate???) but I have rocked my theme this year!

New York, Baltimore, DC, Miami, Texas: Austin, Waco, & Denton, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio

Since May 1st, I been blessed to share the following travels with my family and I cannot be more thankful.

MAY: My sisters and I took my dad to Miami where he grew up and followed a map of his childhood. I can’t recommend a trip like this enough. One I will cherish my whole life.

JUNE: Aaron and I traveled to Texas. We went to a marriage conference in Austin (no we aren’t having issues – we are being proactive!) but stayed for the BBQ, music, and froze!

JULY: Aaron and I drove to Charlevoix, MI (top of the world for this Alabama girl) to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of a farm where my great-grandfather was a blacksmith. My dad and Aaron demonstrated blacksmithing. We then went to visit my grandmother and then spontaneously scooted over to Ohio to see one of my best friends who is getting married soon!

What are 1-3 things you accomplished?

I accomplished many things this summer but the one I am most proud of is writing and recording a new online course with the Office of Professional and Continuing Education at Auburn University.

I did not apply for this opportunity. I did not search for this opportunity.

This experience reminds me that people are always watching. If you work hard, produce quality work when no one is looking, and work for a reputation of professionalism, DOORS WILL OPEN.

I tell people all the time – it is all about who knows you. It only takes one person.

In this case, one person from AU found my Instagram, followed me, and then invited me to collaborate.

I encourage you to keep working hard – people are watching!

How did you serve someone else?

I may not have kiddos of my own but I get my fix

as an aunt of 16 niblings!

I was able to help care for my nieces and nephews at different times this summer and it brought

Aaron and I immense joy!

What did I learn from this?

Don’t be greedy with your life.

Take advantage of every opportunity to

make a difference in someone’s life.

What is one thing you experienced that taught you a lesson (positive or negative)?

What can you learn from the experience?

For me, I don’t know that there was one thing that happened this season that taught me one lesson. I think everything combined taught me when it is okay to say no and to be confident in the things I say yes to.

What challenged you?

  • New services and tasks for clients.

  • Recording myself and being okay with the product. (watching yourself on camera is strange!)

  • Time management.

  • Growing a team at eloise design co.

What did you learn about yourself this summer?

I gained new clients that required new and different services. It pushed me to be more confident and focused. It also showed me what I am good at and what I should leave to someone else. I am the visionary and the organizer of a strategy. I am not the final proofer or the project manager in the traditional sense and I AM A-OKAY with that!

How will you implement what you learned this summer?

1. I don’t have to be good at it all. All I need to expect of myself is to help others. That means pointing people to the right people and resources.

2. I have to fuel myself in order to give to others. I pushed myself too hard while traveling. My body is not as strong as my will. I have to listen to my body and give myself permission to rest so I can serve.

How can you improve or change in the next season of life?

I want to be a better leader. So I want to read, find more mentors, and ask for grace from those I lead.


K A T E ’ S T U R N

How her personal life has given her a new perspective as she starts

grad school and jumps into new projects with .eloise. design co. in the Fall.

What were you most fulfilled by?

I’ve never been an outdoorsy person, but this summer revolves around nature, travel and new adventures. I realized that this boosted my creativity and helped me come up with more great ideas. Also, it was refreshing to take a time to be out of Auburn since I’ve been here for four straight years without any kind of reprieve.

What did you do to re-fuel?

Since I was in the desert for the majority of the time, I didn’t really have service. I disconnected from my phone and was able to come up with goals for the Fall.

What inspired you?

I was truly inspired by the creation I was surrounded by. All the mountains, canyons, arches and waterfalls really helped me understand how beautiful this world is we live in. This inspired me to try new things, travel more and pay attention to all the little details.

What are 1-3 things you accomplished?

Since my summer was spent as a “break in my busy lifestyle” before grad school, I accomplished very personal things. I accomplished the art of self-reflection to really define what I want to do these next 2-3 years in Auburn. I accomplished moving out of an apartment I lived in for three years and I accomplished growing closer to the ones I love.

How did you serve someone else?

My great granny fell and broke her hip and femur. The second half of my summer I spent taking care of and serving her. Helping her eat, taking her to doctor appointments and just spending time with her was the Monday - Friday groove. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this time with her and have felt rewarded as she continues to get better and stronger.

What is one thing you experienced that taught you a lesson (positive or negative)?

What can you learn from the experience?

I was in a truck that was packed to the rim with a huge U-Haul that was also packed to the rim for 7 days with my boyfriend! We camped outside, in a tent without power or air in the middle of summer. The lesson I learned was no matter how much other people doubt you, you will accomplish what you want to. No one thought I was going to survive, but I did and I actually enjoyed it. Never believe it when anyone tells you that you aren’t capable of doing something and when they do, go out and do it to prove them wrong.

What challenged you?

All summer I was out of my element, away from my apartment and things. This challenged my organization, my sanity and just my ability to not be stressed. During this time, I was also buying things for my new house which caused more stress. I very much had to take steps back at times to realize everything was going to be okay and work out in the end.

What did you learn about yourself this summer?

I learned that I do like the outdoors. I also learned that road trips are actually not all that bad. I learned that I need to look at the positives more than the negatives and sometimes it is good to take a break from my busy life to appreciate things.

How will you implement what you learned this summer?

Or how can you improve or change in the next season of life?

I plan to “disconnect” from the social world more in the future. Implement more “me” time and give myself the opportunity to self-reflect and refocus more often. I plan on traveling for fun more than just traveling for business. I will continue to put my family first and always be there for people when they need me.



1. Dedicate 15-30 minutes to this exercise. Go to a coffee shop, go to a park, hide in a quiet place at home, or take a bubble bath. Remove the daily distractions and give this time to yourself.

You deserve it!

2. Download the FREE worksheet below so you can complete what Kate and I did above. It is short and easy BUT powerful. Follow the 4 simple steps in the worksheet.

reflect on this season workbook

I am so excited for you to do this!

I would LOVE you to share if you decided to do the exercise. Email me (, DM me on social media (@eloisedesignco), or post about it and tag me (@eloisedesignco)!

Be a person who shares with others – share this post with others.

Let’s be more intentional with this next season!

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