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Your Professional Companion


Professional Tote Bags

People pay attention to the way you carry yourself.

People also pay attention to what you carry and how you carry it.

You have heard it before…



For me, it is one and the same.

You may be thinking, “I have the job I want.”

Whether you have the career you want or if you are still pursuing more … or both, remember your brand and reputation precede you all the time. Not just when you need a promotion, job, or opportunity. People are affected by your presence and all that you bring with it (large or small).

The Working Wardrobe is not a fashion blog, it is here to encourage you to find styles that will express your brand and who you are … no matter the industry, job, age, shape or size.

So in this blog post, I want to remind you that you CAN make a difference and find fulfillment in your career. Those opportunities come through interactions with people. And those people can open doors.

Those people are also watching you and remembering how you carried yourself, cared for yourself, what you choose to wear to express your personality and professionalism, and how “put together”

or organized you were.

Thus the professional tote bag.

My tote bag is the keeper of the things then enable me to serve my clients. Thus it is with me EVERY day.

I may use my tote bag more than you do, but if you are a professional woman, I encourage you to have a professional and clean tote bag. Be organized. Be prepared.

I am sharing 6 tote bags that I have loved, researched, or know will fit your budget. Take a look and let me know if you have others to share! We are sharing them on my Instagram and Facebook posts!

#1 The Cadillac of Bags: The Legend by Dagne Dover

After 8 years with my black leather Michael Kors tote bag, it was time to upgrade.

I researched for a month for a bag that met the following criteria:

1. Large enough

2. Had a padded compartment for my laptop

3. Stood up on its own with a structured bottom

4. Had long enough and large enough straps, so it fits comfortably on my shoulder

I found a few options but ultimately decided to pick The Legend by Dagne Dover and love it. It meets all the criteria and more. The organization is perfect. They have tried to think of everything!

As you can see in the picture, they have many sizes to choose from. I purchased the largest size, and it is LARGE. A good friend recently bought the Classic size and she enjoys that size.

#2 The Bag with a Cause: ABLE

If you love quality leather and brands with a cause, you will love ABLE bags.

I almost got this bag and purchased an organizer (see below) to give the structure I needed.

#3 For those who love their designers: Tori Burch Tote Bag

This bag reminds me of my former leather companion. If you are looking at your favorite designer for a new tote bag, look for one that has sections to organize your items and has a hard bottom so that it stands up on its own.

#4 Smaller Brands – Big Space: The Nubra Bag

Love the color of this leather and the boxy shape. If you have a big tote bag with no sections, purchase an organizer to fit inside. It keeps everything organized and helps give the bag more structure.

Tote Bag Organizer

This one from Etsy is entirely customizable. You can tell them the dimensions of your bag, and they will create one just for you!

I have heard good things about the organizers from Amazon too. Just pay attention to the dimensions to make sure they fit your bag and your laptop if applicable.

#5 Attractive all around: Totes from Target & H&M

I have been in Target a few times recently and been tempted the bags by A New Day. If you are looking for a great bag but don’t want the investment that comes with the other options above, check out these great bags from Target and H&M. For the ones with large areas, purchase the organizer above for more structure and organization.

Quilted Tote Handbag - A New Day

#6 For the Monogram Girl: Mark & Graham Tote Bags

Mark & Graham has beautiful leather products and all

of them can be personalized with a name or initials!


Please comment below OR comment on Instagram and let us know what brands and styles you love!

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