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What Is Included In A Personal Brand

What is included in a Personal Brand? Or maybe we should ask, where and how do others experience you and your brand? (If you are wondering what the definition of personal branding is, click here.)

Think about the interactions you have with others in one weekday…

  • Through text, calls, emails

  • Through in-person interactions

  • Through the work that you create

  • Through social media (for some)

Look back over a busy weekday that you have had and see how your presence/lack of presence, your response or reaction, your appearance, your demeanor, and your attitude affected the people you were around.

Would you change it?

Does it reflect the reputation or brand you want?

Is it how you want to impact others?

Here is a list of five areas that you can examine and be intentional about for your brand and reputation. Remember, branding is not all about self. It is about sharing who you are with others and impacting them (hopefully for good)!


  • How and when you respond via text or email.

  • If and how you answer and talk to people on the phone.

  • Do you show gratitude or do you come from a place of expectation?

  • How you talk to and about people when they are with you and away from you.

  • How you handle or avoid conflict/disagreement.


  • How you show up to commitments: are you prepared, are you distracted, are you late, are you focused, are you frazzled? How you show up affects your experience and the experience of those around you.

  • When you show up to commitments: Are you consistently late? Are you fully present?


  • How you present yourself (especially as a professional): Do you look like you take care of yourself? Do you look like you are ready to work, serve, act, do? Does your appearance reflect the work you do or want to be considered for?


  • In all the work that you do, do you do it well or do you do enough to get by?

  • Think about the work that you share with others, both print and digital, is it work that someone would want to ask for more of?


  • Are you aware of people around you? Are you aware of strong leaders, good friends, or healthy professionals? Are you watching, absorbing, and learning from them?

  • Are you seeking to grow and learn through mentors, courses, groups, service opportunities, or an accountabilabuddy? Are you surrounding yourself with people who will speak truth to you?

For a quick reference, we have a personal brand checklist to help you strengthen your brand through these different areas. Sign up for our Personal Branding email list to have it sent straight to your inbox!


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Foster West
Foster West
Nov 16, 2023

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