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10 Gift Themes to Simplify Your Season

Choosing a theme for your gifts helps you to simplify your searching and shopping (and spend less) while still giving meaningful gifts that can be customized to the recipient. Themed gift giving doesn't apply to everyone on your list but it can help when buying for friends, extended family, or groups of people. I usually pick 1-2 theme gifts for the year. Last year my theme was olive oil and dipping spices kits for couples and face masks + custom quote stands for girlfriends..

Here are ten themes for you to consider before beginning your shopping this season.

  1. Custom candles from Auburn Candle Co. You can order online or make your own in store!

  2. Specialty earrings or piece of jewelry that fits the recipient's style.. We recommend Home & Vine Auburn!

  3. A pamper basket with things like face masks or a personalized cosmetic bag with high end travel size items

  4. A book that fits their season of life with a leather book mark.. Check out our book list or Ashley Brooke Book Club

  5. Cocktail Boxes from B&B. Pick a box and have it shipped!

  6. Framed pictures or customized desk/wall calendars from Artifact Uprising (Use this link for a discount!)

  7. Personalized stationery from Etsy or from your local printer

  8. Food or Drink Kits: My couple gift last year had a nice bottle of olive oil from World Market, dipping spices, and a nice dipping tray included. You can also support local but creating a local coffee kits with a bag of local coffee, a frother, a syrup, and a mug that matches their style.

  9. Custom Ornaments to remember a milestone in life. We have done new house, baby, and graduation ones before.

  10. Give something that you know your recipients won't buy for themselves often and combine it with something you love to use. For example, give a gift card for 2 quality steaks and add your favorite steak seasoning.


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