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5 Tips for Meaningful Gift Giving

This year we all could use Meaningful Gifts to help us see the beauty and fun of life. If you find gift giving arduous or unenjoyable or something you procrastinate, read through the tips below to give gifts you are proud to give and others are happy to receive.

TIP #1: Keep a list

Keep a list on your phone throughout the year of anything you learn about someone. That they love their dog. That they are really into a specific podcast or author. That they love a specific brand, store, or restaurant. That they love getting pedicures once a month. That they said they need or want something. Whatever it is, record it. Then when it is time to give, you are ready to buy and won’t be stressed about what to get them. This will also end up saving you money because you will buy intentionally.

TIP #2: Ask yourself questions

If you haven’t recorded anything like tip 1 recommends, ask yourself 4 questions.

  1. What does the person do professionally and personally?

  2. What does the person talk about?

  3. What does the person enjoy or love?

  4. What does their day-to-day look like?

  5. What have I enjoyed recently that they would enjoy as well?

TIP #3: Ask your recipients!

And if you are still stumped, have a conversation with your gift recipient. After-all, gift-giving should foster relationships.

  1. How is school or work? What are you doing at work/school?

  2. How is life? What have you been up to outside of work/school? Where do you go in your free time?

  3. What are you loving lately? (food, drinks, movies, books, music, brands, podcasts, etc.)

TIP #4: Think of Genres

Once you have thought through who your gift recipient is, think about the type of gift to give. These are the 4 genres I usually find myself giving.

  1. Something to read or learn (book, subscription, lessons)

  2. Something to play with (toy, electronic, sports-related, crafts, music-related)

  3. Something to wear (clothes, shoes, or accessories)

  4. Something to do (restaurant, concert, show, exercise class, movies, event, workshop)

TIP #5: Pick a Theme

I usually pick 1-2 theme gifts for the year. Last year my theme was olive oil and dipping spices kits for couples and face masks + custom quote stands for individuals. In years past, I have done books for each person or candles. This helps to give meaningful gifts by customizing the gift to the person but simplifying the search.


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