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2020 Meaningful Gift Giving: Business Edition

No matter if you are thinking of business-to-business or business-to-consumer corporate Christmas gifts, we are firm believers that the gifts should be local, personalized, and usable. We have seen the impact an intentional and creative gift can have for a brand. People talk about it, remember it, and use it! They have a positive perception of your brand. One that represents quality, thoughtfulness, and professionalism.

As you are brainstorming ideas, keep in mind that less is more. The concept of quality over quantity applies here because you want your gift to be memorable. You don’t have to give many small things that might be thrown away or may get lost in all the other holiday gifts. Just pick one intentional item. Here are examples for gifts that are usable, local, personalized, memorable while still remaining realistic.

We hope these inspire you to think creatively and gift intentionally this year. If you are stumped on your gift giving this year, contact us and we may be able to help!

Tip #1 Usable:

Think of items that someone will use in their daily lives so that they are reminded of you. When picking the item think of ways to elevate the item. Create a custom scent candle. A nicer bluetooth speaker. This is not the time to think cheap and generic for gifts.

We have partnered with Auburn Candle Co. in the past for VIP event gifts. We created a customized scent, named it, and designed the label on the jar. This idea can be applied to Christmas/end of year gifts for your clients or employees because you can create a wholesale order. The jar we selected can be used as a whisky glass. If you design a subtle logo label, people can keep the label on the jar and see it every time they use the candle or whisky glass! Auburn Candle Co. also offers make-your-own candle kits that could be a fun gift for employees working from home!

Tip #2 Local:

Think of businesses you have relationships with or local businesses that make custom or local products.

Customized wine bottles from a local winery. Gifting a custom bottle of wine is a great way to add a personal touch to a local bottle of wine. Visit your favorite local winery and pick out a few of their most popular bottles. Then, inquire about adding a custom label with your companies branding. We have also designed and ordered custom wine labels online.

A calendar is a practical gift that can be elevated to match your brand and represent the local area. You can use photographs of the local area and create a custom calendar on a number of websites. We've ordered from Artifact Uprising many times and have been impressed with the quality and style.

Tip #3 Personalized:

When we say personalized, we don’t mean with your logo. We mean personalized to the recipient. You do want your logo on the product but don’t make it the most prominent part of the gift. Subtle is effective. Make it about the recipient and it will be more memorable.

Marigold Grey Custom Gift Boxes If curating a thoughtful, sophisticated gift box is the route you wish to take, but you don't have the time or creativity to compile such a thing our friends at Marigold Grey have you covered. Their gift boxes are packaged beautifully and they have something for everyone regardless of their style, profession, or personality.

Local Alabama Shop Curated Gift Boxes An advent calendar is the gift that keeps on giving. Getting to open a little something everyday of December is exciting. Which is why we think this gift from Stone Hollow Farmstead is very thoughtful and sure to be one the recipient remembers. This could be a gift that goes to a team so they can share in the advent fun at work.

Tip #4 Memorable:

Think of items that relate to your products, services, or industry. Consider customizing something special for your clients based on something that would be meaningful to them.

Garden Box - Plants are a great way to ensure that the recipient thinks of you long after they've opened the gift. Each time they water the plant or are complimented on its blooms they will think of the person who gave them the gift.

Custom Ornament - Gifting something that was made with the recipient in mind shows that you're thoughtful and considered them specifically while shopping for the gift. A custom ornament is sentimental and will be displayed year after year.

Tea Sampler Gift Set - Think of the individual that you are buying for and what they enjoy. If you know they are an avid coffee or tea drinker a sampler set shows you are observant and thoughtful.

Tip #5 Realistic:

Consider the logistics and cost depending on the location and quantity of gifts. If you have 20 individual recipients, you can do more personalized and larger gifts. If you have a high number of recipients or each recipient is made up of a group of people, you will pick an item that can be duplicated easily.

If you have a large number of individual recipients:

Recipe card from caterer or baker - You may have noticed by now that a theme of business gift giving is creating a lasting impression. A sure way to do that is by giving something someone will use time and time again. Gifting a recipe card is a great way to stay top of mind each time the recipient makes the dish. Once you choose the recipe and design the card you can then get it printed at any number of places. Again, we have been impressed by the quality of Artifact Uprising. If you need assistance designing the card, we can help- contact us!

Customized dip packet - Not only is this a gift that can easily be branded to represent your business, it will likely reach more than just the recipient. The next time the recipient is hosting friends or family and they make this dip they will share with their guests all about the packet and who they got it from. You can add a bowl or dish that accompanies this item if you are delivering. You can also keep it to this simple gift and easily ship it.

Growable planter gift kit - Like gifting the Planter Box, these Planter Kits leave a nice memorable touch. However, these can easily be branded and are at a nice price point when considering a large number of recipients.

If your recipient is made up of a group/team of people:

Custom cookies designed for the recipient - Custom cookies are true works of art. Because of this, recipients are likely to share photos of them with their friends on social media tagging you to thank you for the yummy gift.

Cocktail box - Who wouldn't love a little office happy hour? A cocktail box is a thoughtful way to win over a large group without breaking the bank. Like the custom cookies, the whole team of recipients are sure to be talking about who sent the great gift! We have worked with B&B Beverage Management for cocktail boxes for events and team gatherings via zoom.

Plant/Succulent for the office space to share - This is a cost effective way to touch a large team. It will brighten up their office space and they will think of you each time they see it.


We hope you find these tips and suggestions helpful as you begin your holiday shopping. Be sure to take a look at our Business Gift Guide on Pinterest for additional ideas.

If you need more suggestions or have a client or customer in mind who you're still unsure what to give, we'd love to help you brainstorm. Feel free to contact us.


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