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Naming Your Business Based On Your Brand

We recently finished two projects for women-owned product-based businesses.

For both of these projects, we started with the business name.

The first thing we ask all clients is about their business name and the meaning behind it.

This affects the brand design and message tremendously.

If a client doesn’t have a name confirmed we use our questions about branding to guide us in a brainstorming session. We consider the following:

  1. product or service

  2. the target audience/customer

  3. the competition

  4. the industry

  5. the personality of the owners

  6. the meaning of the word

  7. what exists already in the marketplace

  8. memorability of the name

  9. ease of pronunciation

  10. longevity of the name with the proposed growth of the business

This is an important part of establishing a strong brand and business. But it can be hard to brainstorm and decide on your own. That’s why we recommend you do it with someone with brand expertise, who has small business knowledge and can provide perspective (like us!).

We are always honest with our clients about their name

and have even recommended name changes when the name doesn’t fit the business!

Take a look at two of our recent clients and their branding:

The Linen Press was started by two friends who have a love for embroidery and fine linens. They have embroidered and monogrammed for many years and now want to bring the beauty and sustainability of fine linens back to everyday life.

We assisted them in finding a name that spoke to what they offer and how they offer it. They wanted a name that could help explain how their products are different. A linen press is an antique piece of furniture that stores the most precious linens of the home. Just like a well-made piece of antique furniture, they are designing pieces that stand the test of time (quality and functionality) and can be passed down from generation to generation (custom and beautiful).

Once the name was confirmed we got busy on the following:

  1. Logo design and brand development

  2. Product Consulting

  3. Product Photography

  4. Brand Photoshoot Planning, Styling, and Shooting

  5. Packaging design and sourcing

  6. Business email and signature set-up

  7. Website design and training

  8. Social media set-up and training

The Gathered Gift was created to meet a need that many college students and their parents experience. For most college students at Auburn University, they live on campus in the dorms or in apartments around the campus. They are often away from home for the first time. Parents want to be able to send a birthday dessert, a get well package, a something that will reduce homesickness. You can order a bouquet of flowers online or ship cough drops from Amazon Prime but when you want something homemade, customized, and special - the options for delivery are limited. This is where the Gathered Gift comes in.

We helped our client pick a name that stood out from the competition and described what they did/offered, not who they were. We also wanted the name to be general enough that it could grow with them outside of the Auburn area or outside of baked goods, baskets, or flowers. We then started working on developing the brand so that they could start serving students and parents in the fall semester:

  1. Logo design and brand development

  2. Product Consulting and Organization

  3. Product Photography

  4. Brand Photoshoot Planning, Styling, and Shooting

  5. Thank you stationery and business card design

  6. Business email and signature set-up

  7. Website design and training

  8. Social media set-up and training


If you need establishing your brand with your new business, fill out our Services Form to see if we are the right fit for you! You can see more of our work here.

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