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Career Tech: If you don't tell them, they won't know.

I love branding not for pretty logos. I love it because it encompasses two phases that are at the core of human life. Phase 1 is about discovering who you are, how you are different, who you serve, what you are good at, what your passions are. And phase 2 is about sharing that with others. It's the relationships. It's the connection, the communication, the change that happens.

But if we don't do the work of phase 1, we can't fully enjoy and experience phase 2.

And if you don't share it with others, how will they know?!

This is what we realized when we began working with Career Technical Education (CTE) at Auburn City Schools. They were doing incredible work with 15 programs, 65+ course offerings, and 1700+ students enrolled but they weren't showcasing it to the degree that they could.

We began with the foundation - the brand. And once we established their visual identity and messaging, we got to work on a large website that would showcase all of their programs, organizations, and successes. This website will serve as a recruitment tool for other students, provide information to parents, promote student, class, and teacher successes, and encourage future community partnerships for work-based learning and internship opportunities for students.

You want your website to work for you while you are busy hard at work for what matters!


If you are wondering if you website is working for you -

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