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Performance Decisions: How to Develop Two Brands Together


Performance Decisions is a new business that offers aerodynamic solutions for cyclists. Performance Decisions’ first solution is going to be an app named Aerobike. The app will allow cyclists to gain the same insight that a wind tunnel provides, just by taking a picture with their phone. When Joel came to us, he needed help developing both brands so that it was clear what the company did and what the app will do. He needed the design and messaging developed in order to finish developing the app and seek funding and partnerships. Our job was to help him create clarity and legitimacy in order for him to develop it further.


Their audience is specific to the cycling community but can include men and women, of all ages, and varying proficiency levels. Another audience that is important at this stage of the business is those who will fund or partner in the beginning stages of app development.


We designed a full brand for Performance Decisions and a full brand for the Aerobike App. In this situation, we wanted to make sure that Aerobike could stand on its own with the presence of the Performance Decisions brand. But when they appear together, they complement each other. We took into account overall style, color, fonts, and graphics. For both brands, the photography style and graphic elements that we used were dynamic and movement-focused.

Once the branding was finalized, we designed a one-page website to serve as a legitimacy for the coming app and to help explain its features and solutions.

We helped Performance Decisions apply their brand through:

  • Business card design and printing with

  • Email Signatures

  • Social media profile setup and styling

  • Brand photography

  • Website structure, design, and copy

  • Social media strategy and training

LESSON: How to Create Cohesion and Differentiation For Two Brands

#1: Commitment to Cohesion

When there are two brands that are connected or when there is an umbrella brand with sub-brands, it is important that the brands support each other, refer to each other, and have a unified feel, look, and voice. If they are too individualized, they look like two or three different brands. You are actually working harder to build awareness, memorability, and recognition.

Cohesion comes in the form of the style, personality, design, visuals, tone of voice, and message. The logos, colors, and fonts need to work well together. The overall style needs to be consistent so that designs are stronger. And the voice needs to be the same or similar in order to reduce identity crisis internally and confusion externally.

#2: Differentiating with Intention

If cohesion is the only factor you account for, branding can begin to look exactly the same and it's hard for your audience to differentiate that you have more than one brand and how they are different. Color or font can be a way to create differentiation visually. We recommend designing the main brand first and then taking elements from the main brand that will be used specifically for the sub brand. We want elements that are the same across the brands and then 1 or 2 elements that are not used in both to create differentiation. Beyond design, themes for your message or campaigns can be assigned to each brand so that they stand apart. The use of taglines can help sub brands refer to the main brand.


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