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Full Swing: How your personal brand strengthens your business brand


Randy Aldridge might have a new business but he is not new to helping people move and function well. With extensive experience as a physical therapist, Randy understands the body and how to make adjustments for improved mobility. He decided to take a leap this year to combine two of his passions - golf and movement.

As Randy started the process of establishing Full Swing, he called us to help him brand the business and communicate what he was offering. He wanted to make sure his community didn’t think this was another physical therapy business. He wanted two things clear:

  1. He would be using his knowledge of physical therapy but instead of helping people after injury or surgery, he would be helping to prevent it.

  2. We also needed to make sure that people understood that even though his technology assesses and improves the golf swing, that his services apply to all athletes and active adults.


Randy’s audience will be primarily golfers as his space is connected to Moon Golf, a golf retail store. But he will also help athletes and any adult who is active and wants to move better.

  1. For the golfer, he can help improve the golf swing for a better game.

  2. For the athlete, he can assess movement, recommend exercises, and prevent injury.

  3. For the adult who wants to move better, he can provide stretching and exercises based on their ability.


We developed the brand with Randy by designing a modern and masculine logo. Randy wanted to make sure the mark and sub logo was strong on its own for apparel and promotional items. A logo that would be memorable and clean enough that people would wear it.

We had fun with the design side of the brand development but took the brand message seriously knowing that in order for Randy to be successful, people needed to clearly understand what he was offering. We needed to communicate how it improved life and how it was different from traditional physical therapy services. You can see how we addressed the need, problem and solution on his website.

Words are important but visuals are mandatory. We planned and led a photoshoot to capture the technology, process, and services to bring his website to life and to help communicate the services.

We also helped Randy design and execute the following:

  • Square business cards

  • Interior Signage and QR codes

  • Apparel - t-shirts, polos, and hats

  • A promotional card

  • Social media profile set-up and styling

  • Website structure, design, and copy

  • Social media strategy and training


Randy knew that it would take intention to clearly communicate what he offered and what he was NOT offering. We added a section on the website that clearly listed what he did not offer as his reputation is built on being a great physical therapist.

There is a perk and struggle of creating a strong reputation and personal brand in your career.

  • Perk - People remember you for what you have done for years.

  • Struggle -They struggle to realize that what you are doing now is an evolution of your skills and experience.

If you have experience and expertise in an area and want to use it to start a new business, you will need to connect the dots for people. You should definitely use your personal brand to build your business brand but know that you will have to communicate over and over and over about what you are doing now. You will need to say it and show it (photos and video) many times over the course of time before people remember it and it is incorporated into your reputation and personal brand.

If you are someone who changes your interest, focus, and goals frequently, it will be hard to build a consistent personal brand and even harder for people to understand your skills.

Consistency over time is what builds reputations, brands, and businesses.


If you need help establishing your brand with your new business, fill out our Services Form to see if we are the right fit for you! You can see more of our work here.

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