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Florista Design: Elevating Your Brand While Successful


Michelle Held owns Florista Designs in Auburn, Alabama. Though the business might be only a couple of years old, her experience in the floral design industry is vast. She leads a team of floral designers in offering wedding and event florals. She had created a logo herself as she started the business and started to place content on a website. Her business and clients were keeping her busy and she didn’t have time to dedicate to developing the brand or website.

So she called us to give her a re-brand and then a website facelift!


Florista serves mostly women who are brides, mothers of the bride/groom, or female event/wedding planners. This is not to say that there are no male event planners or clients but when you know your main audience, it affects how you style and communicate your brand.


When we first met Michelle we loved her fun spirit, humor, and desire to help clients through the process. She told us she wanted to take her brand from teenage goth to spunky elegance! And we did just that!

We first re-branding the business with a new logo, colors, fonts, and graphics. This led into business card design, a brand photoshoot with her team, and a fresh website.

As a florist who works with many wedding and event vendors, she had access to photography of her work from photographers. But we still need to capture her team, process, and detailed shots to communicate the style, quality, and personality of the brand. The wedding/event photography shows her ability to adapt to the client’s style. Her brand photography shows her style and personality.

We helped Michelle design and execute the following:

  • Business card design and printing with

  • Social media profile updating and styling

  • Brand photography photoshoot

  • Website structure, design, and copy

  • Social media strategy and training


#1: Don’t wait to re-brand: Don’t wait until your business is hurting to re-brand or elevate your brand. Michelle came to us during a busy and successful year knowing that a strong brand would help her continue to be successful and stand out from others.

#2: Make your website work for you: Michelle’s website now works for her and acts as a place to communicate her services, price point, process, and work. As a small business owner, you need systems and processes in place to help save you time. Michelle’s website is not only a pretty place to peruse. It’s a member of her marketing team! It is her portfolio and first impression. And it is also something that she owns and can manage, unlike social media or event platforms. When you start to view and use your website like this, you realize that the investment of time and money is more than worth it.


If you need help elevating your brand to keep your business growing, fill out our Services Form to see if we are the right fit for you! You can see more of our work here.

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