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How to Elevate Your Branding


MaK to Sleep is owned by Mak Miller. She has built a business based on her experience as a NICU respiratory therapist and pediatric sleep consultant. She offers sleep consulting for babies and offers overnight care for families in the Pittsburgh area.

She has a warm, fun, casual, and knowledgeable presence that is comforting to parents and kids. She had a logo and a website that she had created herself. She was not happy with it and didn’t feel that it represented her and the services she offered.


Her audience is parents, specifically moms who have babies and young children.

They are tired mamas who need help.


We reviewed Mak’s logo, branding and website and decided we needed to re-brand and re-design the website. We created a fun, youthful, feminine brand with color and patterns. We wanted her website to feel comforting, real, and positive. The patterns and words we used made it feel like we were talking right to a tired mama who needed help and answers.

Once we finalized the new Mak to Sleep branding, we moved into website development. Mak had an extensive existing website, so we helped organize and consolidate information while implementing the new Mak to Sleep brand across the site. We wanted easy navigation for the new parents who may be viewing the site.

We consulted with a photographer local to Mak in Pittsburgh to help develop a shot list and give them an idea of the types of shots we were envisioning for the website, social media and etc.


When elevating an existing brand, there are 3 things that you need to focus on beyond a logo:

1. Organization and Structure - Before you get excited about updating your logo/colors/designs, you need to identify your target audience, their need/problem, your solution, and your call to action. When you answer these questions, you are able to outline a website that is user-focused while also refining your internal processes. When branding is done intentionally, you realize it elevates every area of your business. When you define your customer's problem and your solution, you are refining your services and processes. Then your business is aligned with your brand - that’s success!

Mak’s website structure and organization was elevated and refined through this process. We were able to organize the website in a way that a tired mama would navigate the website. We made the call-to-action (what the website visitor should do next) clear throughout the website. Remember, you need to tell your visitors what you want them to do next!

2. Clear and Consistent Message - When you have identified and described your target audience, you can speak directly to them. You can connect with them on your social media and on your website. They feel understood and begin to trust that your service or product will help them. Take the time to identify your personality in your messaging as well as the key phrases you will use across your website, social media, print items, and marketing. And don’t worry about sounding repetitive, you need to say it over and over and over in order to break through the noise and remain memorable.

3. Photography and Videography - Mak’s new brand photography brought the website to life. You instantly felt her personality and warmth through the images. Words, stock photography, and graphics can’t do that. You need brand photography to connect with your audience and differentiate from competition. Mak invested in her brand photography and it was worth it! She was intentional about hiring a talented brand photographer in Pittsburgh near her (not a wedding photographer who had never done a brand photoshoot). Mak was intentional about her clothing, props, color palette, and real clients as models. It made a difference!

If you want to take your brand to the next level, we recommend videography to connect with your audience on your website and social media. We recommend considering iPhone videography for social media as well as hiring a professional for those important videos on your website.


If you need help communicating with your audience, fill out our Services Form to see if we are the right fit for you! You can see more of our work here.

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