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Networking Via Gratitude

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No matter if you are a student, professional, or small business owner, one of the best ways to be remembered and create an impactful reputation is to be thankful.

The easiest way to network (which is dreaded for most) is to NETWORK VIA GRATITUDE. Serve others with your talents, experience, connections, and abilities. And when they do the same for you…thank them. It’s that easy.

I am breaking down how to write thank you emails and letter for those searching for a job or those who are growing their business and career.


Your resume is complete, cover letters have been drafted, and your applications have been submitted. Applications have yielded interview opportunities. You schedule the interview, go to the interview, and then...what?

Write a Thank You note!

Why write a thank you note?

  • To show EFFORT (if you put in effort now… they will assume you will put forth effort later)

  • To actively be appreciative and thankful – does wonders for the soul!

  • To show you are serious and interested in THIS position and company

  • To remain MEMORABLE

  • To get the second interview (beat the competition!)

  • To reiterate your strengths and skills

  • To emphasize the value you bring to the company

  • To address any concerns the employer raised about your qualifications and to re-assure them.

  • To add important information that you may not have been able to discuss during the interview.

When to Write?

  • After an interview… ALWAYS

  • Hand Written – same day as interview or meeting

  • Email – the next morning

  • When someone writes an email or letter on your behalf

  • When someone has gone out of their way to help you

  • Teacher, mentor, friend, connection, peer, boss, co-worker, advisor, parent, family friend, etc.

  • After a person or company has helped you achieve something

  • Scholarship or award

  • Donation

  • After a networking event or career fair that could lead to an interview

hand written thank you notes

Who to Write?

  • Any person who has gone out of their way to help you in the job search

  • A person who recommended you

  • A person who has agreed to be your reference

  • A person who connected you to a person or company

  • Any person who helped you get the interview or job

  • A person who provided you with experience to get where you are today

  • A person who helped you prepare for your job search

  • Any person who interviewed you – they took time to get to know you

  • A new professional contact that you would like to network with

Basically, if you couldn’t have done it on your own… you should thank those who have helped you.



I think the biggest mistake young businesses and career professionals can make is thinking their success is solely dependent on what they do. You can’t do it on your own and your not expected to. Be generous enough to help others and be humble enough to ask for help. And then thank them for it.

Why write a thank you note?

  • To actively be appreciative and thankful – does wonders for the soul!

  • To foster relationships

  • To make the business or person remember YOU

  • To build on your reputation of graciousness, humility, & gratefulness

  • To show you are sincerely interested or serious

  • To create community over competition

  • To provide additional information and address any concerns.

When to Write?

  • After a meeting … ALWAYS

  • During the holidays or for a special event/day (birthday, anniversary)

  • After a recommendation or referral

  • Out of the blue – just because they have been on your mind

  • After an event – for sharing information with you, for taking time to talk with you

  • After a person or business has gone out of their way to help you or bless you

Who to Write?

Any person who has gone out of their way for you, been generous to you

  • A new business you could collaborate with in the future

  • A loyal customer

  • A new professional contact that you would like to network with


Decide if it is better to write an email thank you note or hand written thank you note.

Job Searching: If you know that they will be making their decision for the next round very quickly, you probably want to send a thank you email. If you know you are very interested in the company BEFORE the interview, go ahead and have the address, stamp, card , and envelope ready. Write the thank you card immediately after leaving the interview and then drop in the mail the same day! Hand written letters are always impressive because they take more effort and planning.

Career or Business Building: the greater the thing you are thankful for, the more effort you should use to thank them. Meaning if you are thanking them for their kind words at a meeting yesterday – an email is appropriate. If you are thanking them for writing a detailed recommendation letter, you need to take the time to write a hand-written letter.


Hand Written:

Use stationery that is simple, but is good quality. If you have stationery that has your name or personal logo displayed professionally this is a great opportunity to use it! I love or you can contact me and I will help you design stationary.

Choose a pen that you are comfortable writing with and that does smear. Pens that have black or blue ink are preferable!



Make sure you have a strong and complete email signature so that it is very easy for them to contact you or learn more about you on your LinkedIn profile. (You can customize your LinkedIn URL using this FREE Check List)

Attach your resume PDF to the email or attach a References PDF to a thank you email if this is your second round of interviews and you need something else to say and provide them.


Here is a simple outline that you can follow that will guide you in

writing a thank you note. If you need more help writing, Contact Me for editing

1. Greeting

Address them with the appropriately. As a student you should always use the appropriate title before their name (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., Dr., etc.). As a professional, you can most likely address them by their first name.

Ex | " Mrs. Stewart,"

Ex | “Eloise,”

2. Remind Them + Thank Them + Show Interest

Refer to the date, place and event that you are thanking them for.

Be specific with what you are thanking them for.

Show interest in their company, who they are, what they offer.

3. Refer to something that was discussed:

What aspects of the company or position particularly interested you?​

What did they offer, encourage you in, suggest, share or mention that you want to follow up on?

4. Invite Them

Share your contact information and invite them to reach back out to you.

5. Closing

Your closing needs to be thankful and brief.

6. Signature

Use a professional signature!

"Sincerely," or "Best Regards,”

And Sign your name!


We hope this post helps you as you write your thank you emails and Letters.

Remember, gratitude and Effort is ALWAYS appreciated and remembered!

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