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The One Thing That is Killing Your Small Business

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To be truthful, many things can kill your business.

Poor leadership, low cash flow and revenue, or a PR fiasco.

But there is one thing that I see repeatedly

that is killing small businesses' chances at more business.


Unclear or poor internal communication between

team members or leaders to team members can hurt a business.

Ineffective or inconsistent external communication between business and customer, or business and the world (PR, marketing or advertising) is what will kill the business.

But why is the communication ineffective and inconsistent?

Because there is no foundation to the communication.

We have to start at the foundation, which is the brand. We have to ensure you are crystal clear about your brand message so that you can confidently share what you do.

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What is brand messaging, really?

Brand Messaging is how your brand communicates through words, phrases, and sentences. Just as Brand Design covers all the visual elements of a brand (like a logo, color, fonts, design, photos, video, and graphics), Brand Messaging covers all the written and spoken elements of a brand. It provides you with the words, phrases, and sentences for your marketing, advertising, education, sales, and PR copy.


How do I develop brand messaging?

You first start by identifying your target audience’s problem, your solution, and their success. This provides you with the foundation to choose words, phrases, call-to-action phrases, tone of voice, point of view, description sentences, mission and vision statements, and marketing phrases. When you have those written, you can write and speak with clarity and confidence.

eloise branding consultant

Brand Messaging and communication (verbal or written) does not come naturally to all and takes time to develop for those who are skilled in it. I don’t share this to dishearten you. This might be an area of your business you can’t do on your own.



If you don’t have a foundation for your brand, you can develop one by taking our new

Brand Message course. After years of developing messaging for clients, I have developed a

course to help you identify and develop your foundation.

This is for the non-writer who decides the tone, voice, personality, and direction of a brand/business.

Once you have completed this course you will have everything you need to share

with a team member, freelancer, contractor, or agency.

the one thing that is killing your small business


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Billi Jean
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