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How to Hunt for a Job Correctly...

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If you are in the job or internship hunt or are preparing to be, this post is for you! I am giving actionable tips, hints, and information so you can get organized and find opportunities that you want!

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Let's go through these 5 easy steps to finding opportunities


Get yourself organized BEFORE you begin searching and applying for internships. Organize all of your application materials (resume, reference page, recommendation letters, cover letters, portfolio, etc.) in folders.

I encourage you to name your files starting with your name and then what it is. Ex. “Eloise Stewart Resume 2018”

If you have different resumes for different types of positions create folders for each category of job you are pursuing.

Ex. “Wedding Event Planning” “Hotel Event Coordinator” “Freelance Event Planner”

You should always customize your cover letters to each internship and job by listing the company name, the position you are applying for and even incorporating some of the skills and responsibilities they are looking for. Then save your file for that company. Ex. “Eloise Stewart Cover Letter – ABCCompany”


You will get overwhelmed very easily if you begin searching for internships without focus. Answer the following WHO, WHAT, WHERE questions as it pertains to an internship or job.

  • Who do you want to intern/work for? (Can be specific companies or a description of the type of companies you like)

  • What industry(s) are you interested in? What specific areas within those industries are you interested in?

  • What types of internships are you looking for? What types of job positions are you considering?

  • What do you want to learn? What do you want to do for the company?

  • Where: List all of the cities/ states/towns that you are interested in. Or list the ones you don’t want to go to.


eloise design co

Prepare your resume, reference page, cover letter and cover letter emails. Create them, review them, edit them, proof them, edit them, get them reviewed by 1-2 professionals (NOT PEERS!), revise them.

Make sure your resume, reference page, cover letter, emails, email signature, LinkedIn profile, and social media profiles are consistent, clean, and professional.

If you need help with your application documents, LinkedIn profile, and interview prep, visit for one-on-one services.



Think of all the professionals, friends, peers, co-workers (past and present), and family who could help you and make a connection for an internship. You NEVER know until you ask! The majority of internships and first jobs are found through KNOWING someone!

I encourage students and professionals to first search online for opportunities to get an idea of what is out there so they can network better. Know what you are searching for before asking the people you know for help in the job search.

If you are not a member of AlumNetwork, join today! It is a free membership and its sole purpose is to connect professionals and students for the success of all. You will have access to a private Facebook group so you can ask questions and connect with others. You will also receive free resources, job opportunities, and access to the Mentor Program.


Now start searching. Use the sites and terms below to get your search started. Once you start to find internships and jobs you like, use this FREE Excel Sheet to stay organized.

HINT HINT: Once you have found a couple postings you like (and are qualified for) look at the position titles and key terms. Use those words in your searches to find more opportunities.

What sites do I use to search for internships?

AlumNetwork’s Facebook Group (join now!)

What sites do I use to search for jobs?

AlumNetwork’s Facebook Group (join now!)

USE SOCIAL MEDIA to your advantage. Follow companies you are interested in. Watch for internship postings. If you are going to do this – make sure your profiles look awesome so IF they decide to look at you – they are impressed.

What words should you search?


  • Merchandising or fashion merchandising

  • Buying

  • Styling

  • Visual merchandising

  • Fashion retail

  • Retail management

  • E-commerce

  • Apparel wholesale

  • Showroom management

  • Sales representative (for wholesale brand)

  • Fashion Editorial

  • Apparel design or fashion design

  • Apparel production

  • Apparel sourcing

  • Apparel forecasting

  • Children’s wear

  • Formal wear or bridal

  • Men’s wear

  • Performance apparel


  • _________ (industry) marketing ____ (intern, assistant, coordinator, manager)

  • Digital marketing

  • Public relations

  • Management internships

  • Business communications

  • Communications for _______ (industry) intern, assistant, coordinator, manager

  • Fundraising rep or manager

  • Non-profit coordinator

  • Brand management (manager)

  • Brand representative

  • Social media management (manager)

  • Social media photographer


  • Event planning

  • Event coordination

  • Wedding planning

  • Social event management

  • Fundraiser event coordination

  • Non- profit event planner

  • Corporate event planning



  1. Use the key words and characteristics that they emphasize in their posting in your cover letter, resume, emails, and LinkedIn profile.

  2. If you have the skills (be honest) that they outline in their internship posting, make sure they are listed on your resume.

  3. Connect actual examples from your education, work, or involvement experiences to how you can serve their company. Example: I am not going to emphasize my experience as an assistant apparel designer in my cover letter for an fashion event planning job, rather I am going to focus on my experiences with event planning, organization, leadership, etc. I am touch on my apparel design experience and how it relates to fashion event planning but my main focus is relating my experience to their company and their needs.

  4. If applicable, mention an area where the company is changing or growing and speak to your interest in assisting in it. Remember you are an intern so you wouldn’t be leading anything for the company but you can help!

  5. Show interest, eagerness, professionalism, and effort.


We hope this post helps you as you search for jobs and internships.

Persistence and organization are key.

If you found this blog post helpful, share it with a friend or on your social media.

If you haven’t joined AlumNetwork (for free), head HERE to learn more!

If you need more help in the job search, schedule a coffee or phone date with me.


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