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2020 Meaningful Gift Giving Guide

Don’t give gifts because you were told to or because it's what you should do. Give gifts with the intent to show appreciation, encouragement, and love. I believe when we give in a meaningful and intentional way, we end up filling our own cup as well. I want to help you think of 10 types of people in your life and how you should approach gift giving for them. We hope these ideas inspire you this season.

#1. The one who works (from home, thanks 2020)

Think of items that will make their work day easier or more enjoyable. If they love to get coffee on their way to work usually, create a coffee at home basket. If you know they love electronics, look for a standing desk from Amazon.

#2. The one who doesn’t want anything

or doesn’t know what they want

Go with something they will find useful like a portable charger or go with something custom that reflects their hobbies like a stadium blueprint.

#3. The one who has everything or is picky about everything!

For this type of person you want to look for items that can be personalized, items that are sentimental, acts of service, or help them experience something they love.

#4. The one who takes care of everyone else

For this type of person you have to think of items they would never buy for themselves but would love when they got them. Appreciation and acts of service mean a lot to these types of people.

#5. The one who likes to chill

This could be the gal who enjoys wine or pampering herself. This could also be the guy who likes to enjoy movies outside with a cigar. Or it can be the friend who loves to read with a candle.

#6. The one who is never home or rather be elsewhere

This person would rather have items that they can take on the go like weekender bags, technology for the car, or something for the outdoors.

#7. The one who loves home

Home has been the focus this year. Give gifts to the homebody that will help them to continue enjoying their home. That may be a tool for guy or a candle from Auburn Candle Co.

#8. The ones who are together

We have been thinking of gifts for couples who might be spending more time at home together than traveling or going out. For inspiration, think of the things they like to do together or have in common. Maybe its hiking, eating, moving watching, their pets.

  • Couples Foot Massages (we love Silk Massage in Auburn, AL)

  • Cocktail kit from B&B so they can enjoy a fun drink together at home

  • A night of babysitting if they need to get out of the house!

#9. The ones who are little (and need to get off their screens)

I think we have all met our quota on screen time this year. We are focusing on gifts that will get kids playing pretend, playing outside or learning.

#10. The one who loves food and drink

There are always so many kitchen gadgets and we don’t want to add to the clutter but think of one item that they could use. Or possibly a meat subscription or delivery box to get their culinary juice flowing.


We hope the guide above has served as inspiration for you and sparked some good ideas for the people in your life that that you are struggling to buy for this year. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, @eloisedesignco, to participate in the 12 Days of Giveaways beginning December 1. Merry Christmas!

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