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25 Items to Audit to Grow Your Business

Do you have goals to grow your business this year?

Then your first step is a brand audit.

For many of us, we create a brand and get to work growing the business. We then forget to audit and update the brand as the business grows. Before we begin a project with a client who has an existing business, we audit their brand. The brand is the foundation for their marketing, website, and business goals.

Below you will see a list of 25 areas that we assess when auditing a brand.

The first and most important area is #1 - Logo and Branding Board.

If you don’t have a solid foundation of logos, colors, fonts, graphics, and brand messages, you will struggle to assess if your website or social media or print items or email marketing is strong. You will also struggle to update any of the following areas because you don’t have the foundation.

If you need help knowing HOW to audit your brand across these 25 areas, purchase our Brand Audit Kit that takes you step-by-step in auditing your brand and discovering your next steps in elevating your brand to grow your business. And you won’t be alone, I have included 15 short 1 minute videos to walk you through it.


  1. Logos and Branding Board

  2. Website

  3. Social Media Profiles

  4. Social Media Posts

  5. Online Profiles

  6. Print Materials

  7. Signage

  8. Canva

  9. Uniforms or Apparel

  10. Swag or Promotional Items

  11. Packaging or Gift Wrap

  12. Voicemail

  13. Phone Etiquette

  14. Email Signature

  15. Email Marketing

  16. Email Etiquette

  17. Gifts / Customer Appreciation

  18. Photography

  19. Videography

  20. Culture

  21. Customer Service

  22. Office Space

  23. Processes

  24. Softwares for invoicing, proposals, portals

  25. Internal Documents

Knowing what to do next is the hardest part.

We will make it easy on you!

Purchase the Brand Audit Kit for $37

and I promise you will know your next step!

This kit includes the exact steps we take to audit

our client with short video tutorials and plenty of examples.


If you need help with your business beyond a brand audit, contact Eloise

to see if we are the right fit for you! You can see more of our work here.

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