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Should I Use ChatGPT?

Eloise Design Co Chat GPT

I have received two questions about ChatGPT from many clients this year so let’s unpack them here. 


Yes, but only if these 2 stipulations are met:

1. Only if you remember it is a tool. 


As with any new technology, we need to be careful how we use it. 

Social media is a great tool to use in your strategy but it shouldn't replace your strategy.

The same applies to ChatGPT. It is a tool that can be used to help you develop ideas

or write drafts but it does not replace a human mind or your messaging. 

2. Only if you have a brand message foundation.


I don't believe you can use ChatGPT correctly or to its fullest potential unless you have a brand message foundation. People send us content and we can tell in 5 seconds if a robot wrote it. It does not sound like them and it includes too many adjectives and words. 


You have to train the tool to write for YOUR BRAND. You don't want to share a caption, blog post, website, or speech that sounds like someone else. And you will unless you can tell the program more than a basic prompt. Tell it about the target audience, what you offer, how you are the solution, how you make people feel, your tone of voice, your brand personality, and keywords/terms. 

Eloise Design Co Brand Message Course

If you don’t have a foundation for your brand - you can develop one by taking our new Brand Message course. After years of developing messaging for clients, I have developed a course to help you identify and develop your foundation. This is for the non-writer who decides the tone, voice, personality, and direction of a brand/business.

Once you have completed this course you will have everything you need to share with a team member, freelancer, contractor, or agency.

HOW CAN I USE CHATGPT (with my brand)?

If you have not used ai before, I recommend creating a free account on ChatGPT 

and providing a prompt to see how it works. 

I am sharing 4 prompts we have provided to ChatGPT recently. We have used ChatGPT for marketing ideas, learning more about a client's industry, and drafting job descriptions. 

The Brand Message Course has a Bonus Module on ChatGPT and other AI tools. I teach the steps

to take to provide strong prompts, communicate feedback, and perform self-editing. 

Eloise Design Co Chat GPT

4 Recent ChatGPT Prompts: 

1.Can you list 10 content ideas for Instagram for a brand photographer looking to educate businesses on why they need custom brand photography?

2. Can you provide 5 catchy and short email subject lines for an email to small business owners who struggle with writing or speaking for their brand. This email is coming from a female who owns a branding business and specializes in small business branding and consulting. Our tone of voice for emails is composed but joyful. 

3. Can you provide 50 keywords that design, marketing, and photography freelancers would search for on Pinterest or Google?

4. Please provide a job description for a marketing manager with a minimum of 7 years of experience who specializes in digital marketing and advertising. 

Here are a few things that are required of the position: 

  • Acquired a college degree in marketing, PR, Communications, Advertising, or a similar field

  • Is local to the Auburn/Opelika, Alabama area

  • Experienced in online courses and product marketing and sales

  • Experienced with branding

  • Has a passion for small businesses 

  • Strong copywriting abilities 


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