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Kelly Adams: What is the difference between Perfection and Intention?

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Our recent client, Kelly Adams came to us and said after creating her first online course “dirty”, she was ready to refine and elevate. Kelly is an aging educator and owns a successful Senior Home Care business in Alexander City, Alabama. As an expert in home care, aging, and parent/adult child dynamics, Kelly is developing her own brand so she can educate adult children and home care providers to care for aging parents well. She is a wealth of knowledge, and we are so glad she picked us to refine the incredible content and brand that she has started. Doing something “dirty” doesn't mean that it isn't good. It means Kelly didn't wait to be perfect to start.

At a basic level, Kelly needed a brand with a logo, graphic elements, and brand messaging. But what she needed was a foundation developed that aligned with her personality and passion. A foundation that would provide her with the words and visual elements she needs to write and teach courses, speak at conferences, and become a well-known expert in her space.

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We first audited all of the educational content, profiles, designs, and materials that Kelly had already developed. We then met with her to understand why she does what she does and why it's so important. We even learned what we should be discussing with our own parents! Then, we designed logos and curated colors, fonts, and graphics. While designing, our team also developed her brand messaging that will be implemented in her courses, marketing, website, speaking, and more.

Once the brand was developed we met with her for an in-depth strategy session to discuss her current course and strategy for free resources, email lists, social media, and retention.

Kelly has the ability and the help to implement a lot of her branding. So we focused on designing templates in Canva based on what was agreed on in her strategy session.

We helped Kelly apply her brand through:

  • Business card design and printing with

  • Digital business card

  • Email signatures

  • Presentation template

  • Workbook template

  • Social Media Graphics for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

  • An Online Course Audit

  • Strategy Session

LESSON: What is the difference between Perfection and Intention?

#1: Perfection is an Excuse, Intention is a Reward

When you are seeking perfection, you can easily fixate on the minutiae and miss the bigger picture. You can lose sight of the purpose. Perfection isn’t productive because you end up stalling, waiting, or editing so long that you give up or never complete the project.

We use “perfection” as an excuse not to finish or launch something. We tell ourselves we are “perfectionists” as if that is a badge of honor. But really, we are using it as an excuse so that others won’t judge us. We confuse perfection and excellence.

If we are seeking excellence, we need to start working from a place of intention and decide to let the perfection go.

Instead of perfection, our goal should be intention. Intention is productive. When someone is working from intention, they are creative, open, calculated, prepared, and purposeful. Plans, steps, and processes can be made. Work can be delegated or completed. Products, projects, and businesses can be launched. And then you receive the reward of refining and growing it. Instead of perfecting it before anyone sees it, refine, edit, and elevate it once you have the credit for completing it.

#2: Perfection is about YOU. Intention is about OTHERS.

Perfection is about yourself. You focus on what you like and want. You focus on how the work or the product will be a reflection of yourself and your worth. It becomes personal to you - not for those who will benefit or enjoy it.

In contrast, intention is about your audience, your customer, and your client. It is about those who will use, buy, learn, or benefit from what you offer. Intention is ensuring that you connect the dots, that you include what is necessary, that you communicate well, and that you give more than you should. When you are thinking, planning, writing, designing, or creating from a place of intention - your worth is not in jeopardy.

How will you build your brand and business? Perfectly or intentionally?


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